With Zion.T’s first North American tour happening this March I decided to list my top 10 reasons why you need to make it to one of his shows:

1. “Eat”
Although this song is from two years ago, the lyrics to “Eat” are still so sweet that it’s my go-to song when I have a bad day.
Plus the fact that Zion.T’s glasses are cracked to show he’s the iPod is always just too cute to me.

2. “No makeup”
This is such a beautiful and reconfirming song about how you can look beautiful even as you naturally are. This is so refreshing in a world where we’re always told to put on more makeup. It’s difficult not to support someone who has such a great point of view.

3. The pictures he posts of his cat
Sure you might think “I can just follow him for pictures of his cat”, but how can you not want to support a man who loves his cat this much. Also why are they always ridiculous pictures?

View this post on Instagram

왜 들어갔어

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귤의 계절

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4. Dazed Magazine
Zion.T was recently featured in Dazed Magazine’s article about R&B artists taking over Korea.
Take a look at what they had to say about it
(and while you’re at it, check out all the other artists on the list as well)

5. Prison Playbook OST
This KDrama has one of the greatest OSTs I’ve probably ever heard, so of course, it wouldn’t be complete without an addition from Zion.T.


6. Collaboration with GD
We all know GD only has to work with the people he actually wants to, so he must hold respect for Zion.T.
Check out “Complex” on Itunes

7. He’s basically a superhero
Zion.T wears sunglasses in every video he does, it’s rare (even on his Instagram) to catch a glimpse of the man without glasses. It’s amazing how a pair of sunglasses can create such an alter ego.

8. “The Song”
“The song” itself is adorable and upbeat enough, but when you add in the fun and quirky video it’s just a plan entertaining. Plus who doesn’t want to “clap your hands real hard” when Zion.T asks you to.


9. “Baby”
“Baby” features Gaeko (from Dynamic Duo), another strange yet interesting MV to go along with Zion.T’s upbeat grooves, and soothing yet interesting vocals.


10. Because it’s his first North American Tour!
Why would you want to miss this?