Onto Month Five of “EveryDay6”, and the guys have released an absolute fantastic song. This, coupled with the news that they will be releasing an album next month, have made May’s release, my favourite of the lot. Check out my other articles on the previous releases here.

Dance Dance


I thought Day6’s previous release, “I’m Serious” sounded upbeat and summery, but that was before I had heard this one. “Dance Dance” oozes summer appeal, and is definitely a party song. It’s a very radio friendly song, and I hope it would get a lot of airplay because of this. It’s got a simple arrangement, with a chorus that hooks you in, until you can’t do anything but dance. For such a simple song, it has some really neat little hidden gems in it, for example, I love Dowoon counting Day6 in at the beginning and  the “call and response” couple of lines from Wonpil.

The lyrics in this song are relatively simple for a Day6 song, In this, they are asking for the girl (who they are singing to) to simply turn the music up and not to worry about anything else. Just to turn the music up and dance with them. This song has the quality that I am unsure if Day6 are singing to me, the listener, or the girl in the song, and it works beautifully in this case. The lyrics are very positive and simple, and the song is made better for that.

The signing in this leans heavily on Wonpil and YoungK, with Sungjin and Jae taking the choruses. I did feel like I heard way more from YoungK and Wonpil on this track than on previous ones, and that’s saying a lot. I’d love to see Sungjin get some more lines, while hDowoon is perfectly happy to contribute as little as possible to the vocals!


This video is a whole heap of fun. It’s ostensibly a band practice video. We see the members getting together and starting their practice. They then start to play around with each others instruments, and dance with each other. It’s a good time all around, and whilst it’s a very simple concept, it works well here.

The video is in black and white for some reason, and I’m unsure as to why. The concept for the video doesn’t call for black and white, and certainly doesn’t add anything to the overall concept. It could be simply to change things up, considering the massive undertaking that Day6 are undertaking with “EveryDay6”.

The MV does have a slightly unpolished feel, which is exactly what is needed for the “impromptu band practice” concept. We get to see a lot of cables and wires, not necessarily the most tidy arrangement, and the imperfect song writing session. When they dance, Dowoon is delightfully awkward and his little shuffle not only makes me smile, but the other members too.


This is possibly my favourite release from Day6 this year. It’s summery, upbeat and lots of fun. It’s obvious that the members had a ball shooting the video, and it comes through in this. It’s certainly made me super excited to check out their new album!

For the recommendations, I would wholeheartedly recommend listening to their covers. They do some fantastic covers of both kpop and western songs. Other than that, our personal recommendations are:

Lisa: Colours

Keru: Like That Sun

Nah Dee: Blood