9Muses are currently a five membered girl group that debuted in 2010 under Star Empire. When the group debuted, there were originally nine members, but with members leaving regularly since their debut ( some being replaced, and some not)  this group has not had a very stable lineup. The current line up has been established since 2015, but with this comeback, there are only four members, with Sungah taking a hiatus to pursue her DJ career. Because the group has had so many changes, and so many members, Star Empire explained that the group would have a
“Graduation”concept, with members “graduating” the group when they were ready to leave. However, this has been met with skepticism by the fans that argue Star Empire doesn’t know how to manage its artists, and this is nothing but a flimsy excuse to explain why the group cannot maintain a stable lineup. However, 9Muses are back with their latest single, “Remember”, their first since “Sleepless Night” in 2015.



Unlike their lineup, 9Muses’ music is consistently solid. All of their songs are very polished and has a consistent EDM flavour to it. Each of their songs shows something different but has a cohesive sound to it. “Remember” exhibits these traits and also a little bit more. I love the acoustic guitar at the beginning of this song. It sets up a soft feeling, a feeling of safety and innocence that is not borne through the rest of the song. The song takes a darker turn, and the synth sounds enhance it so completely that the song sounds much more edgy than anything else they have done. I do miss the larger number of members in this group, and the support their voices leant to the song, especially in the chorus, but the remaining members do an absolutely wonderful job here.

9Muses’ songs always have a fantastic hook in them, and this song is no different. It’s one of those hooks that stay with me hours after I hear it, and makes me eager to hear it again. The transition between the bridge and the chorus is easily one of my favourite parts of the song, and helps set up the positively banging chorus. Sojin’s rap in this is equally fantastic. Her voice is so low and so husky, it’s probably one of my favourite rap sections from a girl group this year!

The lyrics of this song have a very similar feel to T-ara”s “What’s My Name?”, in that the song is bitter about the failed relationship the members currently find themselves in. In this case however, 9Muses are trapped in the memories of their relationship, which includes the good and the bad. The members don’t want their relationship back, they don’t want to dwell on what might have been. They sing about how their entire relationship with this person was built on lies, he never even loved her, and therefore nothing else mattered. They are urging him to remember if there was ever a time when things were good, and pure.


I love this MV. It’s such a departure from what the group has done previously. The video’s dark, and mysterious, and has elements of a good thriller movie. The MV opens with Kyungri shooting a guy, and leaving. We can infer from the rest of the MV that this is the ending scene and all that follows is a flashback. We see the other members running scared from the unnamed guy in the video. Keumjo especially looks scared, and this is highlighted by the gigantic teddy bear she carries with her. This gives her an air of innocence and purity that was seemingly destroyed by this relationship.

The rest of the video has a much darker aesthetic than anything that the group has done previously. Some of my favourite scenes include the girls being caged in giant glass boxes. It’s hard to tell whether they are prisoners or artistic installations or if it represents the cage they find themselves in trapped by the memories, in these scenes, but they look incredible.

There is no dance routine in this video, and we don’t see the girls together at all. We see them separately trying to make sense of what happens in the video, but no shots together. We are presented with some beautiful shots in this video, such as the scene in the forests with the mirrors and the scene at the very end where the mementos are burned are gorgeous.


Whilst this isn’t my favourite 9Muses song, it certainly gave it a run for it’s money! Great comeback from the ladies, and has all the hallmarks of their sound. Great song, great video.

If you want to hear more 9Muses, I would suggest “No Playboy”, “Ticket” and my absolute fave “Hurt Locker”.