Song Music Video
Concept 8 Visual/Production Value 8
Lyrics & Music 9 Performance/Choreography   N/A
Catchiness 9 Costume 8
Lisa’s Opinion 8 Lisa’s Opinion 8
Total 8 /10


Ir’s another Throwback Thursday! This time focusing on AKMU!

AKMU, or “Akdong Musician” are back for the second time this year, with a sweet summer song.  As Chanhyuk has recently enlisted in the military for his mandatory service, it’s nice to see something from the duo before Sohyun begins her solo work. Check out more about this awesome singer/songwriter sibling duo over at “All About: Akmu”!



The song begins with an acoustic guitar, a staple sound of any AKMU song. Slowly, we hear more and more electronic notes being added, and Sohyun softly joins in. It can be a little difficult to hear her at first, as her voice seems to blend into the background music. The comfortable, almost folksy guitar remains present for the first part of Chanhyuk’s first verse, but when the EDM accompaniment arrives, the song takes a different pathway. This is the first time AKMU have done an EDM track, and have managed to maintain what makes their sound unique without being overpowered by the synth.

AKMU’s voices harmonise beautifully together which is the highlight of their music, and this song is no exception. They play with the conventions of EDM, using what they need and not being bound to using what’s “trendy”. So much of the summer sound this year is based on the tropical house, it’s nice to see a song that seems to buck this trend. The chorus is a wonderful example of how EDM can be used to highlight vocals, and it’s perhaps the catchiest part of the song. Sohyun’s falsetto replaces what would be the heavier, synth based hook, and it sounds incredible.

The lyrics of this song are those of memory. Chanhyuk tells us that when he was a child he didn’t think of anything. He didn’t know the situation of his family, and therefore was afraid of nothing – except his awful nightmares where he dreamed of a dinosaur that terrorised them. Now that he is an adult, if he “ever sees [the dinosaur] again, [he] will shout louder than [it]”, thereby getting over his fear.


The video has a washed out colour palette that gives it a slightly retro vibe in the setting. Even things that should be vibrant, such as the ocean or the lush green forest, all appear to be more faded. Chanhyuk and Sohyun are also styled in this sense, with muted colours even for the vibrant shades. Again, this is done to evoke a sense of nostalgia, given the topic of the song.

The story of the video shows AKMU searching for a monster. This dinosaur like creature is what Chanhyuk was looking for in the beginning section of the video, but it is Sohyun who accidentally discovers it. The little alien balls follow them around for a little bit, and Chanhyuk leads Sohyun to a nearby cliff where they watch in amazement as a giant dinosaur makes its way out to sea. Perhaps the little balls are to represent a baby dinosaur? They seem to come out of nowhere in context of the video. The music video has a short film style to it that makes the viewer anticipate and expect what could happen next.

Lisa’s Opinion

I really loved this song. AKMU are a very talented group. Everything that they produce is of exceptionally high quality, and always a little bit kooky. They are known for never doing the same thing twice, and always maintaining their own style. This song is no different. Being their first foray into EDM, I was concerned it was going to sound too generic, but I need not have worried. This is easily one of their best releases, and they have utilised their talents wonderfully. Definitely one of the best songs on my playlist at the moment.

If you want to hear more of these awesomely talented people, you should check out “Melted” and “Re-Bye”.