Apink are a six member girl group from Plan A Entertainment, who debuted in 2011. Since their debut, they have consistently had the same cute concept, which can be slightly boring for non-fans. Though it did help them to create an image and a sound that is completely Apink. Whilst most girl groups eventually do a sexy or girl crush concept, Apink have managed to avoid that. They have managed to maintain a relevance as a fantastic girl group even after 6 years. They lost a member in 2013, as she wanted to focus on her education, but they managed to bounce back and still keep going. It is a pity that we don’t get to see them on music shows anymore, as both this song, and their last release at Christmas time, were not promoted, and released online only. Given the absolute power that these shows have to promote the artists that perform on them, it’s sad that Apink are not given that opportunity. I hope this isn’t the prelude to a disbandment!



The opening of this song confirms what I knew before I even heard the song. This is another typical Apink song. Make no mistake. That is not a bad thing. It has all the hallmarks of their sound; soft guitar, sweet lyrics and fantastic vocals. This style of song suits their vocals so well, its easy to see why they have made this sound their own. The confidence in each members vocals is something that cannot be taught, but only gained through years of practice and performing. It’s clear that they are a “senior” group, and this song shows it perfectly. There aren’t any “vocal holes” here!

The lyrics of this song speak of being always at your side, it doesn’t matter what happens, the members will be there. This song can be taken to mean that they are singing to a partner or a friend, but also to their fandom, reassuring them that they will always be there, even when they can’t physically be there. They also speak of always getting back up when you fall, and to always  keep trying, and sometimes that’s all you need to hear.


The video for this song matches the tone impeccably. The video is full of soft pastel colours and gentle lighting. It’s got a very comfy feeling and it makes me feel really cosy when I watch it. The video itself is not complicated. The members are all hanging out with each other, and just playing around. The members are all beautifully styled without being too cutesy or fussy, and its age appropriate for them, given that they aren’t teenagers anymore. They do end up wearing bunny hats at one point, and I have no idea why, but it’s adorable!

Given that they aren’t promoting this song, I’m surprised the video is as polished as it is. It certainly isn’t going to be a memorable video in years to come, but it’s a perfectly adequate video that makes the members shine and gives them all an equal opportunity to have some screen time, something that rookie girl group videos often lack.



A fairly non-complex, sweet song as per the course from Apink. It’s nothing that’s going to surprise their fans, and that’s why we love Apink. Always dependable to bring you songs that you just cant get out of your head, even if it’s not going to set the Kpop world

If you want to hear more Apink, I would recommend “Hush”, “Mr. Chu” and “Remember