Apink is a six member girl group under Plan A Entertainment that debuted in 2011. With so many of the older girl groups disbanding this year and last year, it’s nice to see Apink still together. Hopefully, they can beat the seven-year curse that has seen so many other groups fall by the wayside! Apink has always been consistent in their sound, in that it’s always a little sweet, always a little innocent. They haven’t changed their concept since their debut so it gives fans something to identify them with. This has certainly helped them to maintain their popularity as one one the top tier girl groups! Let’s check out their latest comeback.



Apink has released two songs prior to this one since their previous comeback, but they didn’t promote either of them. It’s hard to say how successful they were because of the lack of promotion, so I was delighted to hear that they were finally going to promote a release. “Five” is everything you could possibly want, or expect, from an Apink song. It’s upbeat, and cute without being overly saccharine sweet. The piano intro gives the song a little more punch.

The lyrics of this song are not surprising for an Apink song at all. They centre around the fact that together with their love, their partner, they can do anything. They can take on the world as long as they are together. It doesn’t matter what the world throws at them, as long as they face it together they can overcome it, so don’t give up!

As with a lot of Apink songs, considering they don’t really change it up between releases, if you like other Apink songs, you will like this one. Unfortunately, there isn’t much here for me to talk about.


As with Apink’s songs, their videos always have an air of innocence to them that they have maintained for six years at this point. This video is no different. The video doesn’t have a solid story, but we do see the girls move as if they are pieces on a board game, and then act out scenes based on where they land. So we see scenes of them baking or gardening, or other wholesome, “ladylike” activities.

The video itself is coloured in pastels. Everything from styling to the background is light and pretty, and it oozes incorruptible virtue, something that is very true to Apink’s concept. The overall look and feel of the video is something that I would have expected from a nugu girl group, a group trying to find their footing in the industry, not something from a veteran group like Apink.


The song itself doesn’t have much, either lyrically or musically, to grab my attention and hold it. It’s nothing fantastic, but it’s not a bad song. It could easily be a B-side. Listening to their album, there are some songs on it that I would have preferred them to release as their lead single.

If you liked this, I would recommend you check out “Evergreen” from the same album as this song, and the classic “Mr. Chu”.