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Bobby- Runaway

Lyrics: Bobby Composed: Bobby, Choice37 Arranged: Choice37 Not knowing much of Bobby’s work in IKON aside from the most recent releases, and his work in MOBB, I was pleasantly surprised by all of Love and Fall (Bobby’s debut solo album). Instead of the “in your face” bombastic rap Bobby has given us before, Love and Fall is full of soulful songs, like “Runaway”, that seem to truly reflect how Bobby feels. “Runaway” is not a fast paced song that you could actually run to, but instead, it’s a song that you can runaway into. The song starts with a...

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Got7 Flight Log: Arrival

Who: GOT7 Album: Flight Log: Arrival, 2017 Company: JYPE Why it’s on repeat: With GOT7’s next comeback on the horizon, I decided to take a long listen to their most recent album: Arrival. This album marks the conclusion of the “Flight Log” series; a three album endeavour including Departure, Turbulence, and of course Arrival. The members of GOT7 all played a major part in the creation of Arrival. Aside from the single “Never Ever”, GOT7 assisted with both the lyrics and composition for each song on this EP; receiving main credits the majority of the time. GOT7 are a...

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Berrisom Animal Mask Review

  Fit: 🌟 Fabric: 🌟 🌟 Essence: 🌟 🌟 🌟 Cuteness: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 Overall: 🌟 🌟 🌟   Fit: This mask does have a good number of slits to help it fit over the curves of my face. But I found it to be very long and not nearly wide enough to actually fit my face. Because of this, I got a lot of bunching at my chin. I’d much rather have the mask not lay nicely than not cover the sides of my face. Fabric: I found this to be a thicker fabric than a lot of masks I’ve tried before. There’s nothing exactly wrong with this, but when you’re used to very thin masks I found it a little off-putting. Essence: The vitamin C essence in this mask made it smell amazing! It put me in such a great mood. And it even seemed to help tone down some of the redness in my cheeks. Cuteness: The packaging itself is really cute. It’s a nice colour, plus the cartoonish sheep on it is just adorable. Plus the mask itself is a sheep! How could I not love it! The only reason this mask didn’t get 5 stars for cuteness is that the fit was so bad that the sheep gets slightly distorted. Overall: I was disappointed by the fit of this mask, with this easily...

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Long Flight Travel Tips

In honour of Mixtape’s recent trip, I decided to put together some of Mixtape’s best long flight travel tips. Some of these we found out the hard way, others we simply found.   Comfort: Water Bottle: This is the greatest and the best tip I can give you for honestly ANY flight you take. BRING A WATER BOTTLE! You can fill it after you’ve passed security and then ask the flight attendants to fill it for you when they come around with water. 250ml an hour is never enough water, so it’s definitely not enough when you’re flying, and running low on sleep. Bonus: If possible bring one with a larger opening, some flight attendants are apprehensive about pouring into a smaller one. Neck pillow: This is an obvious one. It doesn’t take up much space and it’s comfier and more supportive than the pillows (sometimes) provided by airlines. Bonus: The inflatable ones take up even less space and can be deflated or inflated to meet your comfort needs. Provided Pillow: If you do receive a provided pillow, stick that baby behind your lower back for some support. It’ll help with having to sit for such a long time. Sweater: Bring one, even if you’re going somewhere where you won’t need a sweater (say like Japan, or South Korea in August) it gets mighty chilly being that high up. Beauty:...

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