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Canada Day 2017

To celebrate Canada Day we’ve put together a list of our favourite (and only) Canadian Kpop idols! Born (and sometimes raised) in Canada Mark Lee (every NCT unit): Born In Vancouver British Columbia. G Na (soloist): Born in Edmonton, Alberta. Alex Chu (Clazziquai): Born in Vancouver, British Columbia. Henry Lau (Super Junior – M/ soloist): Born in Toronto, Ontario   Honourary Canadian Canadians Young K (Day 6): Lived in Toronto, Ontario during high school. Tablo (Epik High): Originally born in South Korea, he lived in Canada for awhile. Wendy Son (Red Velvet): Lived in Brockville and attended school in...

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TKC17 Highlight!

If you’ve been on any of Kpop Mixtape’s social media pages, or even checked out the articles recently, you’ve probably already figured out how in love we all were with the Canada Dream Stage at Toronto Kpop Con 2017. But just in case you didn’t get the memo, or it hasn’t fully sunk in, I’m here to rave more about it, and make sure you check it out next year. For the 2017 Canada Dream Stage, there were 14 dance crews and 6 singers, with many of the dance crews doing multiple dances it came to be 42 acts...

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TKC17 Looks: Fashion, Cosplay, & more

One of the things I love about Kpop is how broad of a spectrum it covers, and because of this it equally collects a wide spectrum of fans. And with all these fans comes all their different styles! While we were wandering around Toronto Kpop Con this past weekend I managed to grab pictures of a few of my favourite looks! No convention would be complete without cosplay, but these girls seriously stood out! The perfect cosplay for BtoB day (complete with glowing sword). If you haven’t seen Goblin, the Great and Lonely God yet, make sure to check out BtoB’s Sungjae as Goblin’s grandson! “Dumb Dumb” by Red Velvet may have come out over a year and a half ago, but the dresses from that video are still iconic. Then we had an outfit that mixed style with cosplay. The TOP top paired with a varsity jacket that also says “TOP” A top that would look right at home on TOP’s instagram. There’s even “Doom Dada” TOP with the freaky baby! I first got to see these jackets in action when Kapital K-Dance performed “Boom Boom” (by Seventeen) on the Canada Dream Stage so I was overly excited to be able to see them up close. Perks of seeing them up close? I hadn’t realized while they were one stage that the jackets actually said different things. I...

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Toronto Kpop Con 2017

This was Mixtape’s first year at Toronto Kpop Con, although the second year for us personally. This means we were there ALL day and interacted with a lot of people we wouldn’t have if we had simply been there for ourselves. And honestly it was great. We left Saturday feeling happy, excited, and of course exhausted. We had a little interaction with Toronto Kpop Con before the actual event, sending emails with questions and what not. And every time they have sent speedy replies and have been more than helpful. We found the same thing last year and it...

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1 of 1 Shinee Style

It’s pretty obvious at first glance that SHINee’s latest comeback was more than a little inspired by the late 80’s / early 90’s. The MV for “1 of 1” isn’t particularly subtle about this concept and comes complete with big shoulders, gold chains, and a grainy filter. They even packaged the album as a cassette (because everyone still has a cassette player hanging around right?) the only thing they’re really missing is the static lines of a VCR struggling to play. But the fact that this concept is so in your face is one of the things I love...

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