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Kisum – “Sleep Tight”

Kisum is a solo rapper who debuted under Mapps Entertainment in 2014. She’s shown her skills on both “Show Me the Money” (season 3), and “Unpretty Rapstar” (season 1). Since then she has released three EPs, “Like It”, “Musik”, and just recently “The Sun, The Moon”.  “Like it” was filled with collaborations and upbeat tunes, whereas “Musik” was written and composed by Kisum and shows many different sides of her. Both the “Like It”, and the “Musik” EPs had five songs and gave us three singles. With “The Sun, The Moon” just dropping on April 14, I’m hoping this...

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We Are StyleProof pt.2 -BTS

In honour of Bangtan Sonyeondan’s latest comeback, I decided to take a look back at one of their first MV’s and see how far the boys have come style wise, because if the MV teaser is any indication the boys are going to look amazing in “Spring Day”. You may be wondering what I could possibly have to say about “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2” that hasn’t already been said, but, always one for a challenge, I’m going to be taking a slightly different approach for this MV. If you’re new to Kpop, or even to Bangtan Sonyeondan, (also known...

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On Repeat – Musik

Who: Kisum Album: Musik, 2016 Real Name: Cho Hye Ryung Company: Mapps Why it’s on repeat: I’ll be honest, while I do enjoy Kisum’s first EP, (“Like It”), I find after knowing what she’s capable of, it comes off as a bit of a wash. By the sounds of it, she didn’t have much influence on this EP and four out of the five songs are featuring other artists (with the fifth song being an instrumental of one of the other songs). Although it does have some really enjoyable and catchy songs, (my favourite being “Liar” Ft. Se-A),  “Musik”...

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KpopMixtape’s Best of 2016

Because BTS is collectively our favourite kpop group, we decided to eliminate them from regular categories or else everything would be BTS. So we give you our top picks for all kpop and just BTS: Best Song Lisa: Boys Republic – Get Down There were so many songs I could have chosen here. I had at least 2 different choices before I landed on “Get Down” by Boys Republic, (Kanto’s “Lonely” and Snuper’s “It’s Raining”). I love this song because it doesn’t sound like anything else I’ve heard this year. The chorus and the verses are so different but...

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Last Dance… BigBang Style

Somehow Big Bang’s “Last Dance” MV has exponentially less looks in it, yet it’s taken me so much longer to write. Possibly because “Fxxk It” was so in your face it was impossible not to have an opinion, or a thousand. Now I’m not saying I don’t have opinions about “Last Dance”, far from it, I’m just saying they’ve taken me a little longer to sort though. Let’s just blame that on the fact that TOP sings in “Last Dance”, and sounds amazing, and destroyed my poor heart. It’s taken me this long to get over it all and...

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