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Highlight – “Can Be Better”

Highlight are back for the second time this year, and following the massive success that was “Plz Don’t Be Sad”, “Can Be Better” sought to replicate the same success. It’s interesting to see the style of music that Highlight are releasing these days. For a group in their 8th year, and one that has recently rebranded completely, one would expect a slightly more serious tone from them. However, it’s obvious that they are very much enjoying their new found musical style, and it comes across wonderfully in their latest work. Let’s check it out in more detail below. Song Music Video Concept 7 Visual/Production Value 8 Lyrics & Music 8 Performance/Choreography 8 Catchiness 8 Costume 8 Lisa’s Opinion 8 Lisa’s Opinion 8 Total 8/10 Can Be Better Song The song that is heard in the music video for this release has a different introduction than the one that is on their album, “Celebrate”. The song in the music video has an acoustic guitar intro, accompanied by an electric guitar, which suddenly turns into silence and this gives the song an extra minute runtime. The reason for this is to showcase the members engaging in various activities that seem to go wrong. In the album version, there is no delay or build-up, the vocals start instantly. “Can Be Better” has a very upbeat tone to both the melody and the...

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NU’EST W – “Where You At?”

Nu’est could not be more of a Cinderella story. They are experiencing something very few groups get, and that is a second chance. This time last year, Nu’est released “Love Paint” and it barely made a blip on any chart. Another in a long line of unsuccessful comebacks. Their fortunes were forever changed when four of the members were set to appear on Produce 101, Season 2. Fans of the group were shocked that a group with over 5 years experience was made to suffer the humiliation of appearing with trainees, but the members took it in stride. They knew that this was their last chance. Slowly, the viewers fell in love with them, and even though Jonghyun was considered a shoo-in for Wanna One, it was Minhyun that eventually received enough votes to be successful. At that point, it was clear that any comeback that Nu’est did after this show would be successful. Let’s check it out below. Song Music Video Concept 7 Visual/Production Value 8 Lyrics & Music 6 Performance/Choreography   8 Catchiness 7 Costume 6 Lisa’s Opinion 7 Lisa’s Opinion 7 Total 7/10   Where You At Song This is Nu’estW’s first comeback without their lead vocal, Minhyun (currently promoting with Wanna One), and initially I was curious to see how this song would sound without him being there to pull it all together. Jonghyun’s slow...

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Dreamcatcher – “Fly High”

Dreamcatcher is a relatively new girl group, having debuted in January of this year. They gained attention by having songs that aren’t necessarily standard for girl groups. The songs are a little more “heavy”, and focus on soaring electric guitars, simple piano, and a slightly creepy vibe to their music videos. “Fly High” is their third release, and I was interested to see what direction they were going to go with this song. Song Music Video Concept 7 Visual/Production Value 8 Lyrics & Music 7 Performance/Choreography 6 Catchiness 6 Costume 5 Lisa’s Opinion 6 Lisa’s Opinion 6 Total 6/10 Song The song starts out with a very similar vibe to their previous songs. The soft piano intro gives way to the more intense drums and electric guitar. Whilst previous releases have sounded more J-rock than Kpop, this one straddles the middle ground more effectively. The music in the verses are urgent in a way the lyrics aren’t, and it helps to create a sense of theatrics that isn’t common in Kpop. Each verse is punctuated by a guitar florish that reminds the listeners that this isn’t your normal Kpop song. The hook for the chorus doesn’t pull the listener in, in the same way previous hooks have. This time around it’s a little less defined, a little less robust, and whether that is intentional or not is up for...

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GOT7 – “You Are”

GOT7 are back as seven for the first time since March 2017. In the meantime, Jackson has released his first solo song (“Papillion”) and Jinyoung and JB returned with a new JJ Project single (“Today, Tomorrow”). However, GOT7 always shine brightest as a full team, and I’m delighted they are back. Song Music Video Concept 9 Visual/Production Value 9 Lyrics & Music 10 Performance/Choreography   9 Catchiness 9 Costume 9 Lisa’s Opinion 10 Lisa’s Opinion 10 Total 10/10 You Are Song The previous single that GOT7 released as a whole (“Never Ever”, my review of it can be found here), was one that they had almost no hand in. They were not involved in the lyrics, music or the production. Given that “Never Ever” was such a mish mash of influences, I was a bit apprehensive to see where their first title song, solely worked on by the members, would lead. “You Are” is everything any listener could ever want from a GOT7 song. It’s got the trademarks of the members all over it, and as it is JB who worked on this, it’s wonderful that he managed to include parts that showcases the members talents so perfectly. It sounds much more cohesive than any of their more recent title tracks because of this. The lyrics themselves are happy, and speak to the fact that only with this person...

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JJ Project – “Tomorrow, Today”

JJ Project consists of two GOT7 members, JB and Jinyoung. Prior to debuting with GOT7 in 2014, both members debuted as a duo in 2012 as JJ Project, with the release of “Bounce”. However, the two did not release anything else as this unit, until the end of July 2017. In a complete 180, this song could not sound anymore different to “Bounce” and I’m delighted to be able to look at if for this “Throwback Thursday”.   Song Music Video Concept 8 Visual/Production Value 9 Lyrics & Music 7 Performance/Choreography 7 Catchiness 7 Costume 8 Lisa’s Opinion 7 Lisa’s Opinion 8 Total 8/10   Tomorrow, Today Song This song is a delicate balance of being lost and not being afraid. The lyrics focus heavily on the inability to see what path should be taken for future endeavors. It’s difficult to see where a life will lead, especially when decisions affecting the future need to happen right now. The members do a wonderful job in conveying this sense of trepidation through lyrics that speak of not wanting to have regrets, to seeing the scary possibilities of all futures and having to make one choice. Given the exciting, upbeat tempo of “Bounce”, this song has much more of a focus on a soft rock sound, with an ongoing spotlight on JB and Jinyoung’s vocal talents. The song benefits not only...

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