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B1A4 – “Rollin'”

It’s been almost a year since B1A4 had their last comeback. Their previous single, “A Lie”, was incredibly popular with Korean and International audiences. Fans and casual listeners alike have been waiting to see what this talented group comes up with up with for their new release. The group relies heavily on the songwriting and producing capabilities of their leader, Jinyoung, who has gained himself a very credible reputation for these talents, inside and outside of B1A4   Song Music Video Concept 8 Visual/Production Value 8 Lyrics & Music 8 Performance/Choreography   7 Catchiness 9 Costume 7 Lisa’s Opinion 9 Lisa’s Opinion 7 Total 8/10 Rollin’ Song The song begins and it’s very familiar for wider fans of the kpop genre. B1A4 decided that this title track needed a tropical house infusion, like many other groups this year, and for a split second, it was almost cliche and overdone. However, this fleeting thought is quickly erased as soon as the vocals begin. the vocals in this song showcase something many have forgotten, they are also an instrument and the rest of the music falls away to prove it, the main one at that, and the rest of the music falls away behind them. The melody is simple, and exemplifies what can be done with a genre when risks are taken. The tropical house elements are used but the song...

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EXO – “Kokobop”

It’s Throwback Thursday once more! This time it’s EXO’s turn. Before “Kokobop” their last single was “For Life” which was released in December 2016. Since then, EXO-L’s had been eagerly waiting for a comeback from one of the biggest groups in the Kpop industry, and we got a phenomenal one in the case of “Kokobop”. Check out “All About: EXO” to get more information on what the boys from SM Entertainment have been up to! Song Music Video Concept 8 Visual/Production Value   9 Lyrics & Music 9 Performance/Choreography   8 Catchiness 9 Costume 6 Lisa’s Opinion 9 Lisa’s Opinion 8 Total 9/10   Kokobop Song EXO are one of the groups in the industry that have the luxury of being able to try different styles of music. Given their megastar status, it allows their songs to be hits, regardless of overall quality. However, this song is not undeserved of its success. Everything from the vocals to the instrumental breakdown work fantastically together and end up producing something that is uniquely EXO without sounding similar to everything else that is currently dominating the charts. The line “Shimmy, shimmy Kokobop” had stirred up some debate online, with EXO-L’s stating that it’s a term used to dance before an oncoming war, given “The War” is the name of the album this song is from. Chanyeol has stated that it’s just a fun...

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  Song Music Video Concept 7 Visual/Production Value 9 Lyrics & Music 8 Performance/Choreography   9 Catchiness 8 Costume 9 Lisa’s Opinion 8 Lisa’s Opinion 9 Total 9 /10   BTS are back after the longest interval between their releases to date. In the intervening 8 months, BTS have been on a world tour, won a Billboard award,  and have worked on this new mini- album. If you want more information on what the talented guys from BTS have been up to, or just want to know more about them, check out the “All About: BTS” page. DNA Song The first thing that it is evident upon hearing “DNA” is that it’s nothing like what BTS have released in the past. This can be a cause for worry, because it’s hard to know if the new direction will be a positive one. In this case though, the electropop additions to their sound are a welcome one. Sometimes, groups take too much of a genre and run with it, often distorting their original sound, but in this case, the conventions of electropop and EDM are used sparingly and there is never a danger of them overtaking the song as a whole. “DNA” walks the fine line between being too vocal orientated and too rap orientated that BTS is renowned for. The verses remain very rapline focused, with the rappers continuing...

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AKMU – “Dinosaur”

  Song Music Video Concept 8 Visual/Production Value 8 Lyrics & Music 9 Performance/Choreography   N/A Catchiness 9 Costume 8 Lisa’s Opinion 8 Lisa’s Opinion 8 Total 8 /10   Ir’s another Throwback Thursday! This time focusing on AKMU! AKMU, or “Akdong Musician” are back for the second time this year, with a sweet summer song.  As Chanhyuk has recently enlisted in the military for his mandatory service, it’s nice to see something from the duo before Sohyun begins her solo work. Check out more about this awesome singer/songwriter sibling duo over at “All About: Akmu”! Dinosaur Song The song begins with an acoustic guitar, a staple sound of any AKMU song. Slowly, we hear more and more electronic notes being added, and Sohyun softly joins in. It can be a little difficult to hear her at first, as her voice seems to blend into the background music. The comfortable, almost folksy guitar remains present for the first part of Chanhyuk’s first verse, but when the EDM accompaniment arrives, the song takes a different pathway. This is the first time AKMU have done an EDM track, and have managed to maintain what makes their sound unique without being overpowered by the synth. AKMU’s voices harmonise beautifully together which is the highlight of their music, and this song is no exception. They play with the conventions of EDM, using what...

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Hotshot – “Jelly”

  Song Music Video Concept 5 Visual/Production Value   6 Lyrics & Music 6 Performance/Choreography     7 Catchiness 7 Costume 7 Lisa’s Opinion 6 Lisa’s Opinion 6 Total 6/10   In the this new section called “Throwback Thursday”, I will be checking out songs that have been around for a while but haven’t had the chance to review for one reason or another. In this first article, I will be looking at Hotshot’s latest single. Hotshot are back with a new song for the first time since 2015. Check out what the guys have been up to since then, and get some background on them here at the brand new “All About: Hotshot” section! Jelly Song The song has a distinct EDM style that sounds slightly dated in a summer that was full  of tropical house. Whilst the song does have elements of this summer’s trend, it has much more in common with the heavier, trance songs of 1990s dance music. Once the introduction has passed, and the verse begins, the tones and pace are very reminiscent of the classic EDM track “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode. It’s easy to see how much this style has influenced this song. With such iconic influence that affected trance for at least a decade in the West, it’s easy to see why a song like “Jelly” can be understood as dated. The...

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