It’s been almost a year since B1A4 had their last comeback. Their previous single, “A Lie”, was incredibly popular with Korean and International audiences. Fans and casual listeners alike have been waiting to see what this talented group comes up with up with for their new release. The group relies heavily on the songwriting and producing capabilities of their leader, Jinyoung, who has gained himself a very credible reputation for these talents, inside and outside of B1A4


Song Music Video
Concept 8 Visual/Production Value 8
Lyrics & Music 8 Performance/Choreography   7
Catchiness 9 Costume 7
Lisa’s Opinion 9 Lisa’s Opinion 7
Total 8/10



The song begins and it’s very familiar for wider fans of the kpop genre. B1A4 decided that this title track needed a tropical house infusion, like many other groups this year, and for a split second, it was almost cliche and overdone. However, this fleeting thought is quickly erased as soon as the vocals begin. the vocals in this song showcase something many have forgotten, they are also an instrument and the rest of the music falls away to prove it, the main one at that, and the rest of the music falls away behind them. The melody is simple, and exemplifies what can be done with a genre when risks are taken. The tropical house elements are used but the song never fully leans hard into it.

The pre chorus is the powerhouse of this song. The vocal layering of the members serves to emphasise their talents, and helps to drive the song forward. It’s got a sense of grandeur about it that is belied by its simplicity. The repetition of Adele’s iconic “rollin’ in the deep” phrase here conveys the same message now as it did for Adele; being swept away by emotions and being deeply in love. However, in this song, this sense of love is new and sort of scary for the members, but they are willing to explore these feelings.

The chorus for “Rollin” is an oddity for this group, in that it’s an instrumental, with the pre chorus doing all the heavy lifting. B1A4 are known for their soaring choruses and for it to not be a feature this time around is definitely something new and refreshing for the group!

The lyrics themselves are not the most impressive that B1A4 have come up with, and tend to stick to the more simple side of the feelings expressed. There are some odd choices for English lyrics. Jinyoung insists that he will “wait it for you”, which could be lyrical choice to make the sentence work with the music, but it’s more likely an oversight.


The MV for this song is adequate. There is nothing that is done poorly and the production is very solid, but most of the MV is very stationery. We see very little movement from the members, and the first third of the video is medium close up shots of the members, who are mostly stationery. The camera work is nicely done, but overall there isn’t much variety in the shots used. This could be based on the video concept itself however, as not a lot happens in the video. There are some beautiful wide shots of the ocean and sky in this video, with various members being shot in front of it. This can be seen as a nod to the depth of their emotions for their lover as mentioned in the lyrics.

Lisa’s Opinion

B1A4 have always been on the periphery of my playlist. I liked one of their songs, then another, and then another, until finally this comeback has converted me to actively being interested in the group. The song is incredibly catchy, and with the accompanying dance move for the pre-chorus (finger guns anyone?), it’s a song I find myself singing and dancing to all the time. I love the summery, tropical house elements combined with a pop-centric sound. I’m a bit disappointed with the music video though. The members look fantastic, and the styling is gorgeous, but the video seems as if it was made with no plan or overall direction, other than the “shooting the members”. This is a pity, as I feel that for such an awesome song, a better MV should be standard.

If you want to hear more B1A4, I would absolutely recommend “Solo Day”, “Tried to Walk”, and “Lonely”.