The third installment of SM Station is here, and we are treated to the gorgeous voice of Baekhyun from EXO. His voice is light, soft and powerful all at the same time. He plays a very important role in EXO’s music, and I’m always ready to hear more from him. Baekhyun is also part of the EXO subunit, EXO- CBX, and again his voice is exquisite. I’m excited to see what he can do on his own.

Take You Home


The song starts, and I’m instantly brought to a place of relaxation. The slow introduction with the guitar puts me in a mind for lazy Sundays with coffee and a book. It’s a sense of comfort that I get so rarely from music, and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this. Baekhyun has a voice that draws me further and further into the story that he is telling. It’s so smooth and comfy, I can’t help but want to hear more. Needless to say, his vocals are flawless.

The song itself reminds me a lot of Red Velvet’s “Would U” for SM Station, in the tempo and beat, and I’m wondering if this is perhaps done on purpose to link both songs in this way, or perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

The lyrics are where the song starts to slightly fall apart for me. They focus on Baekhyun being there for a girl who’s currently in an unhappy relationship. He says that even though he isn’t her boyfriend, he will be there and listen to her woes. Given the chance, he most certainly would be there for her, and his “sturdy back will be able to take you home”.

I’m always off put by songs that take this stance. The “love of the girl’s life, but she just doesn’t know it yet” stance. It strikes me as very egotistical, in that the guy singing clearly knows what’s best for the girl in question, and is willing to do anything to make her see that, which completely takes away her agency in making her own decisions. I know it’s meant to seem romantic and pure, but’s it’s forever tainted to me because of the modern connotations of the “friendzone”, a concept I abhor. Even Baekhyun’s vocals couldn’t completely overcome this hurdle.


The video is a charming video. The whole time Baekhyun is singing his confession to the girl in the video, but she obviously cannot see him until the very end. He does things like bring her flowers and look out for her, but she cannot see him. It’s the perfect video for this song, considering his feelings portrayed in it. He doesn’t make eye contact with the camera at all, and only focuses on the girl in question. Eventually she does see him, and they dance together, are happy for a brief moment, and then he wakes up. He realises this was all dream, and is on his own.

It’s a very simple video, all taking place on the same white set, with just Baekhyun and the girl in it. This simple MV is perhaps the best for this particular release from SM Station. It fits the tone of the song really well, and it’s uncomplicated without seeming boring.



The song is pretty, but that’s because Baekhyun brings life to it. Anyone else singing it, it would instantly become a B-side that everyone would skip over on the album. A fairly unmemorable song, and a waste of such a shining talent. I hope the next offering will be back on.

If you want to hear more of Baekhyun’s solo work, I would suggest “Beautiful”, “Like Rain, Like Music” and “Dream