Berry Good are a six member girl group under JTG Entertainment, and debuted in 2014. Since their debut, they have had a number of lineup changes, with only 2 of the original members remaining. Some of the members left very early in the groups lifespan (before the 2nd single) and were replaced. The 6th member was added in late 2016, and we have the final, current lineup. The group has released some really fantastic singles, with “Don’t Believe” being one of my favourite songs of 2016. I was excited to see how they could capitalise on the spotlight that “Don’t Believe” shone on them.

Bibbiddi Bobbidi Boo


When I first heard the title of Berry Good’s new comeback, I must say I wasn’t overly thrilled with it. I figured it would be a cutesy love song, and that it wouldn’t grab me the way their previous releases did. I was half right. Not a cute love song, but definitely didn’t grab me.

The hook is excellent; the twangy guitar has a very “country” music kind of vibe, and that piqued my interest momentarily. It’s not a vibe that I hear very often in Kpop so I was surprised to hear it in this song. Beyond that, the music isn’t really that special. It could easily be any number of other songs. I feel that it’s a mediocre effort at best, and that it won’t endear many new fans to the group, which is a shame, as they have some fantastic songs in their back

What you don’t hear immediately, especially as an international fan, is the actual message of the song. The message is an admirably positive one. The lyrics focus on walking your own path, regardless of what anyone else thinks. They speak of living your life they way you want, as it’s your life, no one else’s. The members speak of believing in yourself in a way that only you can, and it’s a wonderful message that everyone needs to hear every once in awhile. The chorus and title tie together, as the members are granting their own wishes (like the fairy godmother in Cinderella), as only they can make the necessary changes in their lives to live the way they want.


What the hell happened to this video?

The only thing I can think of is that they had the proper MV filmed, and for whatever reason, couldn’t release it. The teaser for this MV has zero connection to the atrocity that was released. I’ve seen nugu groups with better quality MVs than this, nevermind a three year old group. I’ve seen student films with better quality camera work and editing than this MV. It’s a disaster from the very beginning, with the stock iMovie title cards, to the very end. This is video that looks like it was made in about 15 minutes on someone’s phone. It’s so rushed, and has absolutely no redeeming qualities at all.

The video focuses on the girls in a bedroom and them ostensibly “hanging out”. There’s a pillow fight, and lots of giggling. It’s such a wasted opportunity, as the video has absolutely nothing to do with the song in any way, and I feel like they could have capitalised on the theme of the song at least in some way, if not making it the central point of the video.

This is where I would normally talk about the lighting or the sets or even shots I like, but I don’t like a single thing about this video. There is no neat shot, no nice lighting, nothing worthy of mention in any way. Its awful from start to finish, and only got better when I realised it was over.


Whilst I admire the sentiment of the song, I don’t like this as much as I wanted to. I feel it’s a step backwards musically for the group. I worry they will never release another song like “Don’t Believe” or even “Angel”. Ultimately disappointing all around for this one.

Please don’t discount Berry Good just because of this release. I would highly recommend checking out “Don’t Believe”, “Love Letter” and “Because of You