When I decided to make Big Bang’s comeback as my first Style article, I knew I would, at the very least, have a lot to say. All the members of Big Bang are known for their style; you don’t become one of the biggest (probably the biggest) Kpop groups without a good amount of style. GDragon though, is a special case. He has always been known for his sense of style, and is currently known as one of South Korea’s most important style icons. If you have seen any of his solo MV’s, or even his Instagram, you can easily tell GD does not care what anyone else thinks about his sense of style; he will wear what he wants, when he wants, and frankly you can just deal with it. This is an attitude that seems to have rubbed onto the other members of Big Bang over the years as well (Taeyang’s hair, anyone?). And so, with the terrifying knowledge that these men are essentially untouchable, especially in the world of fashion, let’s get down to this shall we?

By my first look at the teaser picture for Fxxk It I already had about half a page of things to say, and honestly not a lot of it was particularly nice. I mean just look at it!

My first reaction to seeing the actual video wasn’t really any different. I don’t know if I’ve ever screamed “why?!” so many times in so few days. But the more I watched, and the more the initial shock of the very loud outfits subsided, I realized I have a surprising amount of nice things to say about Big Bang’s style in Fxxk It. But with this many outfit changes in 4 minutes I should have at least one compliment per member right? … Right!?

Let’s start with Taeyang. Wow, his sweater sure is sparkly. It’s not the worst look I’ve ever seen him sport, but it’s also far from the best. His hair is… well it’s Taeyang’s hair and that is always something memorable to say the least. I’ve found, after numerous viewings, that the full effect of this outfit is somewhat lost on you at first. He’s sitting there with a guitar, he sounds almost hypnotizing, and he’s got a sparkly red top on. Okay not great, but everyone seems to be wearing bright colours. That’s when you realize there’s a slit on the shoulder and that the top is actually a cable knit sweater that looks like a circus reject. Pair all this with some plain brown cargos and you’re good to go. WHY TAEYANG WHY?!

His next outfit is a lot more subdued (especially compared to some other members, GDragon). It’s probably one of his better outfits in Fxxk It. It’s nothing very special, it looks really casual and pretty comfy actually, but the pants still say “I’m in Big Bang”. The problem with the more subtle look is it gives you lots of time to focus on his hair, never a good thing, until you realize it’s now pink, or is it purple? Wait, now it’s back to white and black. What exactly is happening here?

I am in love with this big, black furry jacket, and it is easily my favourite of his outfits. I don’t even care that he has a giant bejewelled cross on his shirt, I love the jacket that much. Plus the red snapback to cover the hair is never going to hurt. I’m pretty indifferent about how the red pants go with all of it. I enjoy that the pants match his hat, and that they’re not too loud which is nice considering the top. I’m just here for that coat though, let’s be honest.

I can’t tell if I love or hate this look. Okay I love this jacket, I’m unsure about the pants with it though. It makes him look super triangular, and I just don’t think it’s really working. I do, in fact, like the pants, and again I love this jacket as well, but together they just don’t really work. The bigger collar on this jacket is very flattering on him though, and shots where you can only see his top half give the illusion of a great outfit.



GDragon, Now I am not a fan of that green hair, the faded green on the other hand seems to be a completely different thing. The first outfit we see GD in is easily my favourite of his looks, basically ever. I love the sweater, it’s a great colour on him, it looks cozy, but still stylish and I’m always a sucker for some Nirvana patches. Plus I’m here for those leopard print suspenders. This outfit is a perfect explanation of why GD is one of South Korea’s leading style icons. Why do the striped red socks work with this outfit? I don’t even know, but I am here for it. But wait, is that what I think it is? Why yes, GD is indeed fronting a bull clip on those fine suspenders. But if I know GD that’s not just any ol’ Bull clip that’s a Peaceminusone bulldog clip. I get the feeling I may need to keep a product placement score for this boy.

Easily my second favourite GD look from the Fxxk It MV, and one I originally thought didn’t have any product placements on it. Alas, the leather jacket itself is Peaceminusone, although it doesn’t seem to be one you can purchase. This is one of those outfits that I kind of hate how much I love it. GD can wear a leather jacket, what can I say? The jacket works nicely with the hint of red from the turtle neck that’s mostly covered by the ripped white tee overtop and it all looks great together. The blue track pants shouldn’t work with the top. They just shouldn’t, but it’s GD so logic need not apply. The pop of colour that goes against the rest of his outfit, and honestly the rest of the entire backdrop, works really nicely; even if it is in track pants.

Ah yes, the stylish bag lady look. I am normally the biggest fan of GD’s oversized and crazy coats; this multicolored one though, not so much. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad coat, but it’s not looking great here. We do see the Peaceminusone toque though, and with yet another bull clip. Thank you so much GD for using your comeback as a means to explain how to wear your accessories correctly, because I honestly had no idea how one would wear a bull clip in a fashionable way.

The last two of GD’s outfits I refer to as “the camera isn’t really going to focus on me long enough to see anyway” outfits. The first, a pastel orange ruffle top underneath a forest green velvet jacket you say? But wait there’s more! For a special bonus, and only occasionally, GD has included a full length pink sweater, to go under the velvet jacket; logic says it’s because he could. Now I’m not saying I dislike this outfit, but I will make sure to thank GD when everyone starts sporting their 70’s prom magician look in the near future.

And GD’s final look; because GD always has to have one more costume change then everyone else. He actually looks like he walked into a vintage store, spun around three times with his eyes closed and grabbed a couple items. The fact that he collected all the items needed to put an outfit together is in itself a miracle.  Another miracle is how much I don’t completely hate it. It’s a stupid outfit, it really and truly is. The man has a giant stuffed eye octopus thing pinned to his jacket! He has wide leg jeans covered with embroidered flowers to go with his red clogs! Yet somehow I don’t hate this outfit nearly as much as I know I should. HOW GD, HOW!?! How the hell did you make this one look good? He looks so stupid, yet still good. What kind of magic is this?



Top,oh TOP. I can’t tell if he stands out because of all the pink and how great he looks in it, or because he’s TOP and he always looks great; and have I mentioned he’s my Big Bang bias yet? But seriously he does look fantastic with pink hair, and if I have learned anything from Kpop fashion, it’s that the best thing to pair with pink hair, is simply more pink. It’s a super simple outfit, that seems really comfortable, which is good considering TOP actually dances ( I use this word loosely) in this outfit.

Simple, stylish, well put together, yet still eye catching; there’s really not much to the outfit itself. It’s the coat that really completes this look and makes it into an actual outfit. The blue of his sweater is the same blue that’s in the embroidered dragons, paired with white trousers to keep it all tied together and then you just throw your crazy ass printed coat that has giant dragons on it. No big. But seriously, it works really nicely as a single statement piece. You know exactly where to look with this outfit; the coat and his face (whoops, my bias is showing isn’t it).

Please tell me he’s wearing the same white pants. I applaud your effort to not put in effort, sir. He still looks good here, although it is a much better look without the pet scarf thing. Again, it’s a fairly simple yet well put together outfit where his top perfectly matches the colours in his jacket.

Now, now, let’s not read too much into the fact that this is a military jacket okay folks. It’s not the first time he’s rocked one, he actually seems to wear them in MV’s often, and I can see why. He looks fantastic, sky blue is definitely one of TOP’s colours; it looks amazing on him. The small, intricate details on this jacket actually make me swoon a little; it’s gorgeous and it works great for a moment where all you’re really going to see is this jacket. I do love the pop of red shoes though, a very nice playful touch.

I am fully under the impression that this was in fact Daesung’s comeback and he just allowed the other members of Big Bang to be there. Because he looks AMAZING; every single time. Like show stealing amazing. I feel like he’s been taking style tips from GD for this first outfit, because honestly I love it so much. The wide knit neon stripe sweater paired with dark, subtly patterned skinny jeans, with a studded belt with big silver rings on it; be still my heart. He looks fantastic, and this isn’t even his best look.

I cannot just let his hair pass us by without commenting on it. This length and colour looks phenomenal on him. I would believe you if you told me he was born with dark greyish, purplely hair because it should be his natural colour.  This gorgeous hair, paired with the red coat that has some black detailing, makes even the cutoff gloves look great. I actually love the little bit of white and hint of pattern these stupid gloves add to the overall look.



WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT!?!?!?!?!  This outfit, this outfit right here just screams “step back, this my comeback now”. I still can’t get over how fantastic Daesung looks here. And the weirdest part is that it’s actually such a simple outfit. It’s literally just a jacket, with a white tee and black pants. But damn, with that hair and all those sparkles he stands out so beautifully. Not to mention the equally sparkly boots that finish it all off so nicely.

I still can’t tell if there’s a very subtle pattern Daesung is rocking for his red suit, or if there’s more sparkles. Either way it looks fantastic with the printed white tee. Now he doesn’t stand out the most in this outfit (hello GD’s clip on eyeball), but he still looks great. Yet again another very simple, very well tailored, yet striking outfit by Daesung; my eyes thank you.

Seungri stands out the least to me in the Fxxk It MV to the point where I can never seem to actually remember what he’s wearing. It it sort of a nice change since everyone else is very in your face with their outfits, but this also makes it so he becomes a little bit forgettable. It probably doesn’t help that he doesn’t have a lot of lines in this song either. For his first outfit, we see him in is a red zip up sweater and black pants, nothing wrong with it, it’s just too simple for a Kpop MV. The sweater does have a fantastic texture to it though.

Moving right along to his next look we have a black and white puffy jacket and some wider leg, black pants. The flower print on the jacket is nice, and makes a great detail, but again as a Kpop MV outfit, and when you’re on camera next to GD, it is a little lacking. I feel his style in this MV would be fantastic for more of an everyday street wear look… Did anyone else notice that Seungri is wearing sunglasses for a large portion of the time he’s on screen, or is it just because I’ve now seen Fxxk It over 50 times?

Just had to prove me wrong, now didn’t you Seungri? I can’t say you don’t stand out when your hood is as big as your shoulders. So yet again I am left unsure how I feel about a coat in a BigBang MV. On the one hand, denim jacket, on the other, big fluffy pink hood. Both are things I love, but do I love them together? I feel like if I wasn’t constantly being drawn to stare at Daesung in the sparkly jacket I would actually have an answer for you, but here we are.

I’m so sad that when it is finally Seungri’s time to shine in the spotlight he decided to wear mustard. Multiple shades of mustard very rarely look good. Multiple shades of mustard that come together and make him look that one creepy teacher that never really got over the 70’s; even worse. You’re better than this Seungri, I believe in you.

At least this time Seungri decided to prove me right. I knew he could do it! Where did this look come from and why wasn’t he looking like this the entire time? First of all, the hair. Oh man, Seungri’s hair looks great, I’m enjoying this haircut so much more. Plus powder blue looks almost as good on Seungri as it does on TOP. The giant brooch works nicely to add some sparkle, and since the jacket is more on the simple side. The really wide leg black pants are a little too 2000 for me. and don’t work as nicely with what’s going on on top. It’s still my favourite look of his in Fxxk It and I’m sad he didn’t get more screen time to show it off. Although him rocking it on the saxophone is a work of art.

When you take the time to really look at all the outfits individually you really get to see a bit more of their personal styles shining through the intensity that is Big Bang. Taeyang always almost always wears baggier pants so he can dance, even though it’s BigBang so there’s not going to be any choreography, but he’s ready should the need arise. GDragon will always be a little in your face, and even when you think you hate his outfit, he’ll still make you admit that he looks great. TOP, very well put together and simple but he always has to have some sort of statement piece so you know he’s not too reserved. Daesung has very simple looking, yet still all very eye catching, outfits that make him stand out even next to GDragon.  Seungri is the only one I feel didn’t particularly come through with his outfits. I loved the powdered blue top, but everything else was rather forgettable, and that is something that boy very much is not.

After seriously watching Fxxk It too many times to count, and over analyzing every single article of clothing BigBang wore,  I think this one goes to Daesung and his sparkly jacket. TOP easily cleared second best with simple statement pieces that complimented his well put together outfits. GDragon was as always, a little all over the place, but damn, did look great for the most part. Taeyang probably would of landed higher on my list if it wasn’t for that haircut, and for the sparkly red sweater. Taeyang, please ask Daesung for tips on how to wear sparkle right. And I’m sure no one is surprised that I have Seungri last with his although nice, totally forgettable outfits.

(Final PeaceMinusOne product count: 5, after much deliberation I realized Taeyang is wearing a PeaceMinusOne tee, plus  counting the bulldog clip being worn different ways as two different things.)