BlackPink are a four member girl group under YG Entertainment, that debuted in 2016. Considering they were YG”s first girl group to debut since 2NE1, and now they are YG’s only girl group, the expectation for these girls both were, and continue to be, super high. With YG teasing the members and group name for months prior to debut, the hype around the members was gigantic, When the girls debuted in August 2016, they became the fastest girl group ever to win a music show award, with only 13 days between debut and their first win. With their debut dual singles, and the followup dual singles, I was interested to see where BlackPink were going to go once they came back again.

As If It’s Your Last


This is apparently the “pink” side of BlackPink’s music. They wanted to show a little sweeter side. When I heard that, prior to hearing the song, I was a little concerned, figuring that it would become something like Gfriend or Oh My Girl, but I was so glad to discover that they did not go in this direction! The song maintains the sound that BlackPink had established in their previous releases, except it has a little more of the tropical house sound that is common this summer. It has all the hallmarks of the previous releases, such as the very equal line distribution, a super catchy chorus, and a killer rap section from Lisa.

The lyrics of this song are somewhat different from their previous singles. In this song, the members discover that they like a guy, but can’t quite seem to get used to that fact. Everything about this new love is exciting, and they can’t seem to keep it together. They are excited about the challenges that this love may bring them, and that they would prefer a love they need to work for, rather than something easily gotten. They ask him to just hold her until they explode, and love her as if it’s his last love ever. It’s a little more mature than what I’ve heard from other artists in a similar vein. In similar songs, it appears that the person singing it has almost nothing without their love, and therefore a sense of desperation leaks into the song, whereas this song, that isn’t evident. BlackPink manages to maintain their personality throughout, and just want to love this person, and be loved in return.

I love the chorus of this song. It’s in the running for my favourite chorus of the year. Jennie and Rose do a fantastic job, and then it’s followed up Lisa’s rap, It’s got such a replayability quality. I’ve listened to the song numerous times, and have found myself singing along to it in the weirdest of places.

However, I cannot help but see the similarities between BlackPink and 2NE1 in this song. The music style is similar to what 2NE1 would have done, and it’s easy to pinpoint where Dara, CL, Bom and Minzy would have had their parts. I feel that BlackPink will always have these comparisons, especially now that 2NE1 have disbanded, but in this case, I feel like it’s sort of warranted.


As mentioned previously, BlackPink had wanted to show off a different side to themselves in this comeback, and whilst I didn’t really hear it in the song, it’s definitely obvious in the music video. From the styling to the solo shots, this MV is a little `younger` feeling than anything they have released previously.

There is no story to this video, simply dancing and solo shots. The solo shots all show the girls doing something either stereo-typically cute or “girly”, such as Jennie playing with teddies and Rose drawing on a mirror with lipstick. They are all shown to be enjoying cotton candy and being generally cute with it.

Even if there isn’t a story to this video, the colours and the styling all give it a very cohesive feel.I don’t  feel like any of the outfits were out of place, even if I didn’t like them (such as school uniform). The dance routine itself had a very BlackPink style to it, and overall fit very neatly into their previous releases.


Really upbeat, summer song from BlackPink. I’m happy they only went with a single song this time, but I need them to do an album soon! I’m super curious to see what a BlackPink b-side would be like.

If you want to hear more BlackPink, I would recommend “Stay” and “Playing with Fire”