BTOB, or “Born to Beat” to give them their full title, are a seven member group under Cube Entertainment. They had a baptism of fire, debuting in the incredibly busy (for new artists) 2012. They are slightly different to most other boy groups, in that they don’t tend to change up their concept all that much between comebacks. Most of their songs tend to be of the slower variety, not necessarily ballads, but not super upbeat dance tracks. I was excited to see what this current comeback would bring, considering the incredible release that was “I’ll be your Man” last autumn.



Right off the bat, you can tell this is going to be a different side to  BTOB, one that we haven’t seen in a quite some time. It’s an upbeat song, with a strong retro sound to it. It reminded me a lot of the big brass bands from the 1940s and 1950s North American music scene, but with a more modern twist to it. You cannot escape the low bass, and it works really well with the overall feel of the song.

This song is a little more hesitant than you would first think when you listen to it.The lyrics are full of self doubt, and longing, without wishing to appear too desperate. The song seems to tell the entire story of someone who is initially confident in themself, who is getting more and more plagued with self doubt, only to have brief flashes of that confidence again when they are intoxicated. My favourite part of the song is when Changsub lets it slip that they are indeed lonely, and would like their prospective partner to never leave them. It’s the only truly vulnerable part of the song, even when the rest of the lyrics state they can be whatever their lover wants.

The chorus itself is rather telling, in that they want to have a love like in the movies, where everything seems to be more simple, more obvious. All the members have to do is to promise to be there for their partner, and love them to bits, and it will all work out. Of course, as much as we all may want this, this may not always be the case, and the fear of the inevitable slowly creeps into the lyrics as the song goes on.

However, I do feel like Peniel’s verse was a little out of place. It being in English doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but when the rest of the lyrics focus on self doubt, to hear him rap about how great he is and that the girl in question will eventually want to be with him, threw me a little. It doesn’t fit well at all, and took me out of the song for his part.


This MV is a love letter to movies. We see the members all gathered around a tv, watching the various different “movies” being played out. It’s a fitting framing device that we return to periodically throughout the MV.  We see the members in romantic movies, thriller movies, gangster movies, film noir and even a reference to the Joker is there. Each of the members gets their own genre and gets to have a scene with the lyrics’ unknown prospective partner. We see her with Ilhoon as Harley Quinn, we see her comfort Sungjae as he is possibly about to be killed by a bomb, we see her again as Eunkwang’s date in the cafe sharing a “Lady and the Tramp” style pasta dish. This shows us that it’s easy for the boys to imagine their lives with this girl as part of the movies, because it’s easier than the reality.

I enjoyed the balance of story and choreography that this MV has. Neither feels overdone or excluded and I feel the dance sections help to reinforce the upbeat, danceability this track has! I particularly like the more formal wear the members have for the majority of the choreography pieces. Their outfits work well with the theme of the MV without being stuffy, and they come across as elegant in every way.

As mentioned, we do get to see little snippets of various different genres of movie, and I love that the lighting is completely different for each of them. It helps significantly with ambiance and works wonders selling the various genres as part of the overall package this MV is trying to deliver. In particular, I believe the film noir scene is done well, as it obviously doesn’t have other colours to play with, just black and white. We see Minhyuk carefully glancing through a wardrobe with a slotted door, and the lighting seals the deal for me here. Its possibly my favourite visual part of the MV.


Its nice to hear a different sound from BTOB in this. For so long, they have been stuck in the “almost” ballad, and ballad type song stage. Hopefully this is reflective of more of the songs on their album, and it’s definitely convinced me to pick it up.

If you liked this, I would recommend checking out “Irresistible Lips”, “2nd Confession” and “Remember that”.