To celebrate Canada Day we’ve put together a list of our favourite (and only) Canadian Kpop idols!

Born (and sometimes raised) in Canada

Mark Lee (every NCT unit): Born In Vancouver British Columbia.

G Na (soloist): Born in Edmonton, Alberta.

Alex Chu (Clazziquai): Born in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Henry Lau (Super Junior – M/ soloist): Born in Toronto, Ontario


Honourary Canadian Canadians

Young K (Day 6): Lived in Toronto, Ontario during high school.

Tablo (Epik High): Originally born in South Korea, he lived in Canada for awhile.

Wendy Son (Red Velvet): Lived in Brockville and attended school in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Her father is Canadian as well.

… maybe next year the list can actually make it to 10!

Happy Canada Day from Mixtape!