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Highlight – “Can Be Better”

Highlight are back for the second time this year, and following the massive success that was “Plz Don’t Be Sad”, “Can Be Better” sought to replicate the same success. It’s interesting to see the style of music that Highlight are...

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NU’EST W – “Where You At?”

Nu’est could not be more of a Cinderella story. They are experiencing something very few groups get, and that is a second chance. This time last year, Nu’est released “Love Paint” and it barely made a blip on any chart. Another...

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GOT7 – “You Are”

GOT7 are back as seven for the first time since March 2017. In the meantime, Jackson has released his first solo song (“Papillion”) and Jinyoung and JB returned with a new JJ Project single (“Today, Tomorrow”). However, GOT7...

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B1A4 – “Rollin'”

It’s been almost a year since B1A4 had their last comeback. Their previous single, “A Lie”, was incredibly popular with Korean and International audiences. Fans and casual listeners alike have been waiting to see what this...

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EXO – “Kokobop”

It’s Throwback Thursday once more! This time it’s EXO’s turn. Before “Kokobop” their last single was “For Life” which was released in December 2016. Since then, EXO-L’s had been eagerly waiting for a...

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  Song Music Video Concept 7 Visual/Production Value 9 Lyrics & Music 8 Performance/Choreography   9 Catchiness 8 Costume 9 Lisa’s Opinion 8 Lisa’s Opinion 9 Total 9 /10   BTS are back after the longest interval...

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AKMU – “Dinosaur”

  Song Music Video Concept 8 Visual/Production Value 8 Lyrics & Music 9 Performance/Choreography   N/A Catchiness 9 Costume 8 Lisa’s Opinion 8 Lisa’s Opinion 8 Total 8 /10   Ir’s another Throwback Thursday!...

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All About: Jessi

Name: Jessi Company: YMC Entertainment Debut:  2005 Fandom: Jebbies Members: Solo Singles: Get Up, Life is Fun (인생은즐거워), I Want To Be Me (나이고 싶어), Ssenunni (쎈언니), Excessive Love (살찐 사랑), Don’t Make Me Cry (울리지마), Gucci Albums:...

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Jessi – “Gucci”

  Song                                                                      Music Video Concept           6                                           Visual/Production Value                  6 Lyrics & Music...

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