We have officially passed the half year mark with EveryDay6! It seems to have gone by so quickly. I also feel a growing sense of sadness, that soon, we won’t be able to enjoy brand new music from Day6 as often as I have gotten used to! With that being said, let’s enjoy this awesome project while we can, and focus on their latest release, “Hi, Hello”.

Hi, Hello


Day6 have released another ballad. That’s two in a row, and as much as I love ballads, summer is really not the time for them. I felt like “Dance, Dance” did a really nice job of fitting with the more upbeat feeling of summer. I’m concerned that people who aren’t as familiar with Day6’s music will write them off almost immediately because people prefer more lively music at this time of year. Especially as Day6 have now gone for two ballads, one after another.

However, “Hi, Hello”, could not be more different than “I Smile”. “Hi, Hello” takes place in the beginning of a relationship. The very beginning in fact. Nothing existed between the members and the girl in the lyrics until their first words had been spoken to each other – “hi, hello”. The members muse on the fact that this small word is the thing that helped create the awesome relationship that exists today. The overall sentiment of the song is based on this. It’s a very hopeful and sweet feeling, and is possibly the sweetest song Day6 has released all year.

I absolutely adore the chorus in this song. It’s short, and simple, with just the title being repeated a few times, but the way it’s sung, the way the harmonies all meld together, it’s beautiful. It’s definitely the high point of the song in my opinion. It helps to reinforce the simple message of the song.


On the surface, this video has nothing to do with the song. There is no lovelorn girl or cutesy couple scene. The video is also very simple, mainly focusing on Sungjin driving a pickup truck down a quiet, sunny road, and picking up the various members of Day6 who are hitchhiking. All except Dowoon, who is sleeping in the back of the truck. We see Jae and Wonpil catching a ride, but Young K is hesitant and does not want to join. It’s only when he sees the guys having vehicle trouble that he changes his mind.

I think this video is more linked to the song than is first obviou because the members are also experiencing that “hi, hello” feeling of not knowing someone before those words. Knowing that this person has had a whole life before meeting and now with such a small word, they can be part of each other’s future, and become friends. This video does an admirable job of expressing that emotion without lying on the more familiar MV tropes. For that reason alone, it’s probably one of my favourite of their videos this year.


Disappointed it’s another ballad, in a summer that is filled to the brim with upbeat songs. Hopefully, that fact will help people that are fed up with the oversaturation of summery bops turn to the more sentimental, slower paced, “Hi, Hello”.

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