We are into the third month of “EveryDay6”, and Day6 have released yet another song  in this year of releases. Each month so far is bringing something new and showcasing different aspects of their music. I’m delighted that they have announced that they will be promoting this new song on music shows, which hasn’t happened in almost a year! In saying that, let’s check out their new song, “How Can I Say?” (Check out our thoughts on “I Wait” and “You Were Beautiful“)

How Can I Say?


This song starts off strongly with a powerful drum solo, followed swiftly by heavy sounding guitars. Instantly we know that this is going to be a different type of song again from Day6, from a lyrical point of view. This year long “EveryDay6” is releasing some really interesting types of songs and this is no different. This song takes a very different tack to the other songs they have released. In this song, we get a contrasting voice. This time we hear Day6 feeling overwhelmed at the loss of love in their current relationship, and feeling so guilty because their partner does not know the relationship is over. The lyrics are a mix of frustration that their partner doesn’t recognise the signs of the failing relationship and sadness that they can’t love them back in the way they want to.

I particularly like the “frustrated” lyrics. The members can’t seem to find the words (hence the title of the song!) to break up, and have to resort to wishing that the partner does it for them. They hate themselves for it, but can’t seem to find a way out of the mess they have created.

“Hate me now, I wish you would stop looking at me the way that you do, I want this love to end”.

There doesn’t seem to be any resolution to the members problem though. They don’t speak of how to get out of this mess, and the listeners are led to believe that they will remain in this unhappy relationship until the other person finally ends it, as Day6 cannot possibly do it.

The music itself is very fitting to this sort of melancholic song. The guitar and bass work perfectly in the bridge, so when the chorus kicks in, there is a moment of pure synchronicity that convinces me of the sincerity of what the lyrics are saying. Very few songs manage to have such a resolute link between lyrics and melody, and this is an example of one that does it well.

However, I do find that the song itself is quite similar in sound to the first release this year, “I Wait”. It’s not a bad thing, but the chorus reminds me an awful lot of their previous song. I know that all these songs will eventually be on the same album, and I’m guessing this was written around the same time. Perhaps it will fit together more when I hear the full album.


As with the previous MV’s for this year long concept, this one is quite simplistic. Even more so than the previous ones. Whilst the previous MV’s had cutaways to different backgrounds and even to a love story, this one doesn’t have any of this. This is very straight forward look to it. We see the members performing again, as a band, and some great close ups for their solo parts. However, there is definitely some interesting effects happening here. The distortion that appears on their faces and bodies whilst they sing is really well done, and puts me in a mind that they are hiding their true emotions and motives from us, which ties in really well with the song. It’s interesting how such a simple video can keep my interest for the entirety of the song, and yet there is nothing more than some simple visual effects.

The other visual effects that are present remind me of the “bleeding camera” effect from old performances from the 1970s when lights would often stay present on the film even when the image moves. It happens mostly when we see the members for their solo performance parts, but again ties in nicely with the overall look and feel of the song.


Day6 have brought another new concept to the EveryDay6 release schedule. Whilst the tone and lyrics of the song are different from their previous releases, there is just a little bit too much familiarity with the melody itself. Every time I hear this, I expect it to be “I Wait”. Definitely a new direction in terms of lyrics, but I am looking forward to April’s release already.

If you liked “How Can I Say?”, go check out “Congratulations” and “Letting Go”. And their million different cover songs. Trust me on this one.

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