Day6 aren’t like most other Kpop group you’ve heard, that I can guarantee. You won’t see them on Inkigayo or The Show, or any of the weekly music shows. There is no dance practice videos and there aren’t any different versions of their songs (e.g. GOT7’s “Boyfriend” dance practices). Day6 are a proper band in a sea of autotune and electronica. They are still under JYP, and still went through the same training that trainees go through (minus the drummer, Dowoon, who answered an advert looking for a drummer) but the end product is very different. Having debuted in 2015 with one of the strongest debut songs I think I’ve ever heard, Day6 were poised to make 2015/2016 theirs, and then scandal! One of their members left for “personal reasons” but it was discovered he had been dating a fan. So soon into their fledgling career, and breaking JYP’s dating ban, Jun Hyeok left the band, and the 6 piece were now a 5 piece. Their previous singles have been absolute bops, and their mini-albums have been fantastic. I’m excited and intrigued to see how 2017 is going to treat them, with the very ambitious #everyday6 project, wherein the 6th of every month they release a new song. We got two this month, but I will be only looking at “I Wait” as that’s the one with the MV.

Let’s get cracking on January.

I Wait


The song starts slow, with mournfully bitter lyrics about not wanting to meet, to say it isn’t enough. This sets the tone for the rest of the song. The lyrics speak of a man unable to move forward in his life, too paralysed by the feelings he has for his partner, who doesn’t seem to care for him the same way. He is incapable of leaving the relationship, and can only do so if his partner tells him that it’s over. The pain in this song is almost tangible. The relationship seems to be in the final throes and no one wants to end it, the future too uncertain. The answers given are always too vague and they cannot find anything concrete. I do love the slight fruitless hope that there is to the chorus though. Even if things are awful in this relationship, which they clearly are, Day6 are saying that they will wait for the answer, because they have nowhere else to turn.

I love that it is a change in direction in relation to their lyrics. Their previous title songs have dealt with breakups too, but in a contrasting way. Whereas “Letting Go” speaks of them realising that the girl is not all they thought she would be, and that the only way to move forward is to let her go, in every sense of the word. The change is a subtle one, but a powerful one all the same.

It’s hard to pick my favourite lyrics in this song, as that is a strength that Day6 has. Their lyrics are always exceptional and resonate with me in a way that other groups lyrics often don’t.“Being lost in the same place” is a superb analogy of the lack of movement and frustration felt in this song, and it’s probably one of my faviourite lyrics.

I’m a sucker for boys that can play instruments, and in Day6’s case, they kill it. Everything about this musical composition is fantastic. The slow build, the quiet bridge, the contrasting sweet vocals of Wonpil’s honey- like voice and YoungK’s deeper tones, just all compliment each other impeccably well. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is the random electronic slide that punctuates the chorus. It seems out of place and at odds with the visual style of the video and the audio style of the song.



When the teaser for #everyDay6 project dropped, I was excited, but also a little nervous. MV’s are such a crucial role to a successful group in Kpop. Day6 do not have a super large fanbase, and are certainly not making JYP tonnes of cash, so I was concerned that the MV’s were going to be of a lesser quality, considering there is going to be 12 of them. Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry. Yes, the MV is simple, but its polished and doesn’t look like it will be one of 12 videos this year. The guys are generally just standing and playing their instruments, whilst Jae, YoungK and Wonpil do get some solo pieces. They get to sit and look wistful as city skylines engulf the background. No sign of Dowoon or Sungjin in these shots though, which would strike me as odd, but perhaps they requested not to do it? We do get some beautiful, close up shots of them in the chorus, though. I love that Dowoon gets some stunning close up shots, as he looks absolutely beautiful in this. I miss what my friends affectionately call Jae’s “too hungover to function” look that he has had for a while, but he still looks great.

The lighting is kept a little on the dark side, which suits the slightly moody tone of the video. The lighting in the group shots is probably my favourite as its the one time that its more frantic, which lends itself well to the overall message of the chorus.

The styling of the guys seems to work well with this MV. It’s subtle and doesn’t seem overly “styled” which works very well with Day6’s concept for both this song, and their vibe.



Let me end with a quote from my dear friend, K, who is a part of this website, but real life is taking all of her time. She sums up this comeback better than I ever could:

“Dowoon looks amazing and the song is a blessing to your ears. Listen to it right the f*** now”

If you liked “I Wait”, go check out “Congratulations” and “Letting Go”. And their million different cover songs. Trust me on this one.

Our personal picks for best Day6 song:

Lisa: “Colours

K: “Like That Sun

Nah Dee: “Blood