It’s the fourth month of “EveryDay6”, and Day6 have released yet another song! Each month so far is bringing something new and showcasing different aspects of their music. In saying that, let’s check out their new song (Check out our thoughts on “I Wait”,“You Were Beautiful“ and “How Can I Say?”)

I’m Serious


The thing that becomes immediately obvious iis that this is probably one of their most upbeat releases. It has a summer vibe that leaves a smile on my face. It’s got an almost kitschy, 1970s American beach movie feel, and its just perfect for these rainy April days. It reminded me that summer is almost here and that better times are coming. It’s a very light sound for Day6, and definitely the lightest sounds of their singles.

The lyrics are also on the lighter side, and not some of their most hard hitting or deep. The lyrics speak of the members good natured frustration at their love for a girl and her inability to realise that, even if they bring it up and say it to her. It’s a very sweet tone, and not at all sad or angry. It creates a change from their previous releases this year, and its something that I am glad to see. It’s showing a more light hearted side to their music., and just how versatile Day6 are. The lyrics match the music perfectly and they compliment each other so well. I can always count on Day6 to be consistent in their theme and this is no different.

With regards to the lyrics, they are not my favourite of Day6’s. There is a lot of repetition, enough to become noticeable, and I cannot unhear it when I notice it. I also didnt hear Dowoon singing in this track but his drumming is on point, as always, but honestly, I think he might be happy about his lack of lines!


This is the first MV that Day6 have released in their “EveryDay6” series that isn’t a performance MV at heart. This time its a sweet road trip that we get to see the members take. It’s nice to see them outside! The MV matches the feeling of the song and lyrics wholly, and again the 1970s beach feel comes through once more.

The video has washed out filter over it, and it serves two purposes that I can see. The first is to further the retro vibe and feel of the song and video. The second is possibly to make the weather seem better than it was. We see the members driving along a seaside road in an open top jeep, singing and generally having a good time. There is a genuine feeling that the members are having a good time, and it comes across in the MV, leaving a giant smile on my face.

Each of the members gets a couple of single shots, with Dowoon’s being the most memorable for me.The members are all engaged in various relaxing activities, and Dowoon even gets to play with a dog. It plays into the relaxing environment that the MV is trying to create, and a refreshing feeling of time spent in the sun with friends just oozes off the screen.


Probably not my favourite of Day6’s work, even if it is upbeat and summery. I’m so used to having their songs tug on my heart a little more, and this didn’t grab me in the same way. Perhaps it will after repeated listens. It’s light and airy, and more sweet than I normally get from them. Definitely not their worst song, I just want to like it more than i do.

For the recommendations, I would wholeheartedly recommend listening to their covers. They do some fantastic covers of both kpop and western songs. Other than that, our personal recommendations are:

Lisa: Colours

Keru: Like That Sun

Nah Dee: Blood