It’s already February, and you know what the means? More Day6! I’m very intrigued about their year of releases, and with such a strong start in “I Wait”, I was curious to see how they would follow it up.

You were Beautiful


I’m a sucker for a ballad, especially rock ballads. Always have been. Doesn’t matter what the subject matter is about, I will always  be more hyped for a slower song. When I heard the teaser for this song, it was no exception. I was hoping for something more chilled out than “I Wait”and boy, did I get it.

I love that they guys write their songs themselves, both the music and lyrics, and that’s why they only had 2 comebacks last year (preparing for this year!). They play all of their instruments, and they are the most comfortable there, especially Dowoon, who hasn’t really grown confident in his singing ability just yet.

“You were Beautiful” is the rare type of ballad that is both wistfully nostalgic and acutely present at the same time. The lyrics speak of wonderful times in the past, but without the need to repeat them. The relationship in question was a beautiful one, as the lyrics attest to, but sometimes, they end anyway, with no one at fault. This is the sort of relationship that Day6 are singing about. They know that there is no hope of the couple ever getting back together, nor are they even sure they want to. They thought of all the enjoyable times they had together suddenly, and memory has a way of softening the reality. She appears more beautiful to them in their memories because of this.

I think my favourite part of the song is the bridge that Young K sings in the lead up to chorus. His voice seems to be trying to remind me of something that I just can’t place, and it works so well with this song. I’m not sure if that’s intentional, or just me, but it adds to the song in a way that makes it more personal for me.


This video feels perfect for this song. I continue to worry about the fact there will be 12 MV’s this year, and I hope there won’t be a dip in quality, but this MV works so well with the song. We again see Day6 performing as a group, but this time, it’s not just them in the video. There is a young woman who is working late when she receives an email that brings up old footage of her and her boyfriend. She is pleased at finding this, even if it hurts a little that things are now different.

I love that the colour disappears from the “memory clips” as soon as we are shown that the relationship is not destined to last forever. The black and white lends an air of finality to these scenes, and makes it hurt a little more, knowing that their happiness has left them.

There are some scenes that have been repeated from their debut, “Congratulations”. Part of me loves the fact that there is the same scenes, as we get to see the failed relationship through a different lens now, as “Congratulations” was very bitter about the breakup, “You were Beautiful” is more sad about the end. The other part of me is aware that this was probably done to save costs, as the scenes are shot for shot the same, rather than being a continuation of the story.

Overall, a lovely video telling more to a story that we only had one version of.



Day6 continue to impress me. I love their voices in this. It’s the perfect mix of sadness and longing. It’s a great followup for “I Wait”, and considering we now have one ballad, and one rocking tune, I’m even more curious about what March holds.

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