DIA are back with newly added members, which means there are now nine members of the girl group. They debuted in 2015, and are under MBK Entertainment. MBK Entertainment are probably best known as being the agency that T-ara are under, so when DIA was being formed, a lot of the promotion at the time focused on them being the little sister group to T-ara. Two members of DIA competed in the first season of Produce 101, with Chaeyeon making it into IOI. Of course, this is both a blessing and a curse for the group, as they are now under extra scrutiny to be successful. DIA now join the fray of large girl groups, and I’m interested to see what they do to make themselves different.

Will you go out with me?


The introduction of this song reminds me of various old school video games. It’s got an upbeat, chip bit tune vibe to it, and works to put me in a good mood the moment I hear it. With this opening, I have an expectation that the song is going to be summery and light, and that’s certainly what I got.

The chorus is really catchy, and I ended up humming it to myself numerous times throughout my day. It fits well into the song, and whilst it’s got a different tone, and singing style to the rest of the song, it doesn’t feel out of place.

Beyond that, the music isn’t overally impressive with this release. I feel like I may have already heard certain elements of this song before, and I don’t mean that DIA copied other groups, just that there isn’t anything new that I havent heard before, in this song.

The lyrics in this song are, again, nothing overally notable. The usual “it’s a new love, and I’m confused by my feelings for them” schtick that is ever so present. DIA even goes on to question what’s wrong with the members that they are feeling this way, as it’s out of character for them.


This  video is the first time we get to see the two new members, Jueun and Somyi, as part of the group, As they appear very comfortable with the other members, its difficult to point out exactly who is new and who isnt, which is a great accomplishment for DIA. A lot of times, when new members are added, espeically to a group that has been active as long as DIA has, there can be some visible awkwardness, as the new members settle in. Not so here. The two new members do a lovely job in the MV, and look as if they were always meant to be in DIA.

The concept for this video is a rather sweet one. We see Chaeyeon texting the boy in question, as she is on a trip to Tokyo, she thought he would like to see where she is and what she is doing. Throughout the video, we see the girls in various different locations, and sending snaps to this boy. It fits really nicely with the song, and the cuts to the Kakao messages make the whole thing a little more personal than it otherwise could have been.

Some beautiful shots in this video, specifically the umbrella scenes, and the skateboarding ones. The use of light and location is perfectly blended in these shots, and the video has pretty sequences because of it. There are some dance sequences, but they are few and far between, with a lot of the focus being on the story of the MV. However, other than the few shots already mentioned, this video is nothing special. There is nothing that impressed me, or even stood out, to make it memorable. Whilst it’s perfectly serviceable, it’s pretty middle of the road.


Not a bad song, not a good song. Bland, nothing special. It’s very true to DIA’s style however, and it suits their catalogue of music perfectly, I’m still waiting for that one DIA song that will hook me, because right now, I’m a casual listener at best.

If you want to hear more DIA, I would recommend “Mr. Potter:”, “On The Road” and  “My Friend’s Boyfriend”.