Dreamcatcher is a relatively new girl group, having debuted in January of this year. They gained attention by having songs that aren’t necessarily standard for girl groups. The songs are a little more “heavy”, and focus on soaring electric guitars, simple piano, and a slightly creepy vibe to their music videos. “Fly High” is their third release, and I was interested to see what direction they were going to go with this song.

Song Music Video
Concept 7 Visual/Production Value 8
Lyrics & Music 7 Performance/Choreography 6
Catchiness 6 Costume 5
Lisa’s Opinion 6 Lisa’s Opinion 6
Total 6/10


The song starts out with a very similar vibe to their previous songs. The soft piano intro gives way to the more intense drums and electric guitar. Whilst previous releases have sounded more J-rock than Kpop, this one straddles the middle ground more effectively. The music in the verses are urgent in a way the lyrics aren’t, and it helps to create a sense of theatrics that isn’t common in Kpop. Each verse is punctuated by a guitar florish that reminds the listeners that this isn’t your normal Kpop song.

The hook for the chorus doesn’t pull the listener in, in the same way previous hooks have. This time around it’s a little less defined, a little less robust, and whether that is intentional or not is up for debate.


The video for this song doesn’t have the same intensity of creepiness that the previous MV’s have had. Whilst there is enough creepy imagery (the spiders, the ghosts, the dark forest) to hint at a continuation of a theme that was started in their first single, this pales in comparison. The lighting in this is completely different, and casts the girls in a much brighter tone.  Although there is some beautifully lit and staged shots, especially of plants, there could have been so much more done in this video.

The costumes in this also feel like the weakest Dreamcatcher have done. The “almost school-uniform” is beyond a cliche at this point, and has appeared in so many MV’s and live performance’s, it’s hard to count. What the members wore in the past was a little more edgy, a little more daring, and a little more in line with their current concept.

Lisa’s Opinion

Dreamcatcher caught my eye from their very first release. It’s not very often I hear something with such a unique sound. “Fly High” is the group’s third single, and the first where they have moved away, however slightly, from their debut sound. I like this song less than their first two releases, as it’s closer to the more anthemic pop of other girl groups.Whilst the MV for this song is it’s beautiful and has an edge to it, I think they played it safe overall. The visuals are gorgeous and compliment the song wonderfully.

For Dreamcatcher, I would recommend “Chase Me”, “Lullaby”, and “Wake Up”