G-Dragon (GD), otherwise known as Kwon Ji Yong, is unequivocally the most iconic idol currently active in the Kpop industry. As the leader of Big Bang, he has been involved in the music industry since 2006, and has influenced countless idols to pursue their dreams. He is a very busy man, not only working on Big Bang’s music, but also his own. As part of YG Entertainment, fans of Big Bang, and G-Dragon, are used to waiting for long periods of time between comebacks, and G-Dragon is no exception. He hasn’t released solo material since 2013. In preparation for his upcoming world tour, he has released an EP, with the title song being “Untitled (2014)”.  

Untitled (2014)


The comeback promotion for this release was almost non-existent, but honestly, it didn’t need any. GD’s releases are always incredibly well received, and this was no different. I cannot explain how happy I was when I released that this song was the title song of his EP. It’s a completely different direction for him musically. I would never have thought he would do a lowkey ballad, but here we are. There is a captivating quality to GD’s voice in this song. Because the music itself is so quiet, with only a piano being used, his voice does all of the heavy lifting. GDs voice is quite high pitched, and this suits his particular style of rap, and I was initially concerned how this would affect the singing in this. But I love it. GD is so vulnerable in this, so quiet, with a tinge of despair, that everything else doesn’t matter. This new soft side of his music is something that I definitely think he needs to explore again in the future, as it’s fantastic.

The lyrics echo the melancholy in his voice. GD sings about being utterly dejected and completely broken-hearted in this. He knows that he was not a good person to her when they were together and he only wishes that he could see her one more time to explain how he knows he was wrong and that he wants to make it up to her. He cannot believe that the love they shared has completely left, and that they will never be together again. This is a new direction for GD in terms of the tone of his title songs. Normally, if he is heartbroken (lyrically) he speaks about how angry he is, or how he is coping. In “Untitled (2014)”, his music and lyrics convey a man who is too lost to even do that.


With a song so simple, yet packed to the brim with emotion, a simple MV would be best, and that’s exactly what is happening in this case.  The music video opens, and we see GD standing in the middle of the screen, with nothing around him, save the coloured lighting effect on the sky projected behind him. We don’t get to see his face for a full 30 seconds into the song, and even then, that’s not that important. The camera remains static throughout, slowly zooming in and out at important points in the song, so that we can fully grasp the magnitude of the heartbreak happening.

At points, GD doesn’t appear to be singing at all. He appears to get lost in the song at points, and focuses more on the music, such as playing air piano, or barely mouthing the words. It appears that this song means a lot to him. Given that we don’t see anything else in the video, other than GD, and a kaleidoscope of muted colours, it’s impossible to not feel the emotion of the song, and the simplistic video achieves this wonderfully.


One of my favourite G-Dragon songs ever. It’s beautiful and poignant, and makes me want to listen again and again. His voice is getting better and better. I really want to see more of this particular style from him.

If you want to hear more GD, I would recommend “Butterfly”, “Crayon”, and “Crooked”.