GOT7 are back as seven for the first time since March 2017. In the meantime, Jackson has released his first solo song (“Papillion”) and Jinyoung and JB returned with a new JJ Project single (“Today, Tomorrow”). However, GOT7 always shine brightest as a full team, and I’m delighted they are back.

Song Music Video
Concept 9 Visual/Production Value 9
Lyrics & Music 10 Performance/Choreography   9
Catchiness 9 Costume 9
Lisa’s Opinion 10 Lisa’s Opinion 10
Total 10/10

You Are


The previous single that GOT7 released as a whole (“Never Ever”, my review of it can be found here), was one that they had almost no hand in. They were not involved in the lyrics, music or the production. Given that “Never Ever” was such a mish mash of influences, I was a bit apprehensive to see where their first title song, solely worked on by the members, would lead.

“You Are” is everything any listener could ever want from a GOT7 song. It’s got the trademarks of the members all over it, and as it is JB who worked on this, it’s wonderful that he managed to include parts that showcases the members talents so perfectly. It sounds much more cohesive than any of their more recent title tracks because of this. The lyrics themselves are happy, and speak to the fact that only with this person can the members be truly free. Everything about them is wondrous and provides comfort, even in the darkest of times. The song repeatedly likens this person to the sky and how beautifully expansive it is, how clear and enveloping this feeling is. The lyrics are earnest and poetic, and matched superbly by the music.

The music in “You Are” is gorgeous. There are synthetic parts to the intro that are reminiscent of “Never Ever” but they are used masterfully in “You Are’. They help to build an atmosphere that is never rushed but sincere. They combine with the lyrics, and the stunningly showcased vocal talent, to give a very smooth finish to the song. None of the synthetic additions feels awkward or misplaced (Looking at you, “Never Ever”) and this song sounds like it was
always meant to be a GOT7 song.

Speaking of vocal talent, this is the most rounded title song GOT7 have released in a long time. Each member is given a part that highlights what they are best at, and the song as a whole seeks to maintain this. Each part of the song, whether it’s the verses, the pre-chorus or the chorus itself all lead beautifully into the next. The rap and vocal sections compliment each other and the soaring chorus is easily the killing part.


This incredible song is showcased by an incredible music video. Each of the members are initially shown in solo shots, with attractive locations. They range from Jinyoung on a pier to Yugyeom being dwarfed by a towering architectural achievement. Each of them often look a little sad, or lonely in their solo shots, which is easily rectified when they meet each other. The labyrinthine dim lights of night time Hong Kong play an important role in this video as the backdrop for some of the best parts of the rap line’s sections. The sunrise in the background for the first chorus, which is also where the first choreography shots are shown, seals the beauty of this video, and highlights just how soaring and anthemic the chorus is.

The other detail to note in this video that is particularly sweet is the inclusion of the necklaces. Over the past couple of months, IGOT7s (GOT7’s fandom) have noticed that each of the members have a triangular necklace with something unique to them on it. When combined together it makes the heptagon in the GOT7 symbol. In the video, members are shown with similar shaped necklaces that also when combined together, make the symbol. This is a sweet confirmation to not only the name of their new album (“7 for 7”) but also a confirmation of something the members have been saying for a long time, “7 or never”.

Lisa’s Opinion

Given my less than enthusiastic review of their previous single, I was concerned about this release. But I fell in love straight away. Everything about this release blows me away. It’s a song the members are clearly proud of, and it is so polished and well rounded, it can’t help but be a firm favourite of mine. I am so disappointed that they have not received a win to date for this song. It’s stunning, in every sense, and is a crying shame that this song is not even being recognised for a lot of the end of year awards. GOT7, your ahgases love you, and this song is incredible.

For more songs to listen to, I would recommend “Q”, “Paradise” and “If You Do”.