Highlight are a five member boy group from Around Us Entertainment. They are not rookies, but you may see their name pop up on the “debut” stages on the music shows. The reason for this is that Highlight is the new incarnation of Beast, or B2ST, from Cube Entertainment. They certainly have had a rough year and a bit. Firstly, they lost a member in April 2016 due to “differences in musical direction”, and then there was the uncertainty over whether they would leave Cube and form their own agency. It was an odd time for their fan club, Beauty. There was misinformation and rumours. Then of course comes the legal battle to see if they can own their own music that they have done in the past. It’s still not known whether than can go the Shinhwa route, but the fact they had to change their name doesn’t bode well. However, they are back now, as Highlight, and I’m super excited to check out their new single.

Plz Don’t be Sad


Text speak title aside, the lyrics to this song are really nothing overly special. Nothing that will jump out at the casual listener, and certainly nothing that we haven’t heard before at some point. The usual fare of the members wanting the girl to be happy, and willing to do anything to make that happen. However, when you look at this single as a song directed to their fans it takes on a whole new meaning. Highlight are asking us to not be sad, to not let the events of the past year or so get us down, and that they are there for us to help us through. They seem to be telling us to let them worry about all the hard things in relation to their new situation, as they want to protect the fans. It’s a wonderful letter to Beauty, after such a turbulent year.

One of my favourite lyrics of the song is possibly one of the most poignant (especially when you are aware of Highlights history). It speaks about how everyone is leaving them, but they love those who stayed. I feel like they are asking their fans to help them through this difficult time, and together they can overcome.

“Even if everyone leaves, I only need you

I want you to be happy as you’re with me

If I can protect you, nothing’s a waste”

The song itself has a very upbeat tone to it. It’s such a nice contrast to the other songs that are out at the moment, given the season. Normally, Spring is a much more reflective time, and we see a lot of ballads at this time of year. Not Highlight. This song has a sunny disposition and the opening acoustic guitar riff reminds me of summer and long, hot days. I believe that this was also done deliberately to help show their fans that Highlight are indeed ok with their new lot in life.

The members do a good job of sounding cohesive and their voices blend well together. The few “rap” breaks aren’t overly out of place, but again, I am left with the feeling that all songs do not need a rap break.


This video is bright and colourful from the very beginning. There are no dark, moody images, or scenes. One of the first things we see in the video, besides the members, is the phrase “Don’t worry, be happy”. This really does set the tone for the rest of the MV. We see the members individually for most of the video, with short cuts back to the choreography, where we see them as a group.

The MV itself has a lot of positive images. There are multiple smiley faces placed throughout the MV; whether on the buttons of the video games or on a bowling ball, the happy image is maintained throughout. This is only reinforced with the bright and colourful sets. The blue set where Dongwoon is one of my favourites. The colour and the lighting do a really good job of keeping the joyful atmosphere alive.

Each of the members individual shots is infused with a different lighting hue. It’s a small, subtle point of light in some, and others it bathes the entire screen. The lighting is critical to this happy, upbeat tone they are maintaining  throughout the MV, and it works very well. It’s not as obvious as the positive words and images, but still just as important.

I also feel that the choreography in this MV is possibly one of the most important ones I’ve seen. Other MV’s that have the dance breaks do so to show the choreography off. This time, especially with how cute it is, I believe that it is strategically placed in the video to again show how Highlight have come through an awful year and they are back on form. It’s the first time I have seen the dance break used to send a message like this, and I love it.


I have a soft spot for idol groups that are going through tough times, and Highlight certainly had an awful year. I am delighted to see them back, and reinvent themselves. They seem much happier and are really having fun with this new “rookie” image that they are projecting. The song is upbeat and fluffy, and the perfect comeback for them.

If you liked this song, I would suggest the following from Beast’s back catalogue “Ribbon”, “Beautiful Night” and “Good Luck