IKON have released a double single for this particular comeback (please see my review of “Bling Bling” for a breakdown of their formation and debut). It’s the first time IKON have done this, but it follows YG Entertainment’s pattern of recent releases (Blackpink, Sechskies and Big Bang to name a few) of releasing two similar but different songs. Let’s check out “B-Day” and here’s hoping I like it better than “Bling Bling”.



The song starts, and I’m struck by how similar this sounds to “Bling Bling” and it still manages to maintain the “Hip Hop” feel that characterises both of these releases. I”m not a huge fan of this particular sound. I feel that IKON have had this concept for a long time and I want them to do something else, anything different at this point. I think that they have released the same type of song for the past couple of comebacks and I’m disappointed that this is the same vein.

The lyrics are very arrogant in this song, again like “Bling Bling”, urging the listener to realise just how awesome IKON are, but it’s done in a way that isn’t remotely endearing. It’s not as obnoxious as it is in “Bling Bling” but it’s still pretty bad. Also a lot of the lyrics are either lost in cultural translation or just don’t make sense. The members mention several times that they are like bees, and the chorus is primarily made up of the onomatopoeia of the noises bees make in Korean. This particular part is repeated several times, and makes less sense every time I hear it. I’m not sure what it has to do with birthdays, unless the “B” in the title refers to actual bees, this song makes no sense.

I do like the inclusion of the vocal and rapline in this. They seem more evenly matched and distributed in this song, as opposed to “Bling Bling”, which overly relies on the rapline.


This video is perhaps one of the strangest I’ve seen from IKON. There is a very serious opening, which appears in a lost temple of some sort, and is in black and white. Watching it, I thought perhaps the members were aliens or emulating some sort of science fiction show. Considering the rest of the video, this opening is overly serious, and there is none of the weirdness that follows later. It’s shot in black and white, which helps to underline the sober shots.

As the video progresses, and as we see more individual member shots, spots of colour are introduced. This helps the transition from the black and white opening to the computer generated cartoon bees feel a little smoother, as the colours are bright and garish, and almost cartoony in places.

The choreography in this is pretty strange. There are several moves that seem to disrupt the flow, including the dino hands movement. It seems rather out of place with the rest of the routine, and it sticks out every time I watch the video. Not in a good way. It makes zero sense to me why it was included at all.


A disappointing comeback from IKON all around. This song sounds too similar to “Bling Bling” and I’m tiring of the tough guy concept.

If you want to hear some more IKON, I would recommend “My Type”, “Rhythm Ta” and “Dumb and Dumber”