IKON are a seven member boy group under YG Entertainment. Some of the members initially appeared on a reality show in 2014 called “WIN: Who is Next?” as Team B. Team B then went on to appear on the reality show called “Mix & Match”, wherein the public determined the final seven membered lineup. Several members of IKON also appeared on “Show Me the Money 3”, where rapper Bobby won. IKON debuted in 2015, and due to their media presence at the time, managed to scoop their first music show win before they actually debuted. Since then, the group has released a plethora of interesting songs, all with a distinct hip hop flavour. The group has mainly been promoting in Japan for the majority of 2016, and IKONICS (their fans) were getting concerned that they were staying too long out of the domestic Korean market. Well, worry no longer, as the IKON boys are back, with a double single. Let’s check out the first of them below!

Bling Bling


The song begins with an interesting trumpet sound, that forms the basis for the music. It’s an interesting set up, as straight after the first couple of bars, the chorus hits, and it’s a much lower, much more hip hop sound than the initial trumpet would lead to believe. This lead into the chorus remains for much of the song, and the chorus beat and tempo doesn’t change much when we encounter the verses. The beat is very repetitive, almost hypnotic. It’s a departure from their previous comeback for sure, but it’s definitely an IKON song. It has the same hallmarks as some of their other songs, so it doesn’t stray too far from their discography style. In saying that, I don’t particularly like the beat. I find it too monotonous, too boring. There’s nothing to really grab my attention and make me pay attention to it.

The lyrics are no better. The song is very much a bragging song, but there’s something about it that seems a little bratty. The lyrics speak of how great the members are and that they are dressed and ready to party as “they are Korean”. The lyrics insist that I feel inadequate next to them, and their greatness, but they outline no reason in the song as to why I should respect them, only that they deserve it. I don’t like the presumed greatness, and I don’t like the arrogance involved.

The song leans heavily on BI and Bobby to do a lot of the heavy lifting, as it’s very much a rap focused song. The vocal line does get some lines, but given the tone and sound of the song, it makes sense that the rapline would get most of the focus in this one. I’ve heard IKON sound better than this, but overall it’s a fairly decent rap and vocal effort, in IKON’s style.


I absolutely love the lighting in this video. The direction of it is perfect. It gives a very dark and heavy tone to the video, and it works really nicely with the overall tone of the song.The individual member shots are adeptly shot, and again, helped support the mood of the video.

This particular video doesn’t appear to have a story-line that runs through it, but focuses mainly on the choreography. Which I am grateful for, as the choreography is probably my favourite part of this song. The movements are all very powerful, very deliberate and the members do a fantastic job of executing them flawlessly in this.  Considering how well the choreography links with the lyrics, it does a great job of showcasing the cockiness of the song. The dance routine makes for about 80% of this video, with the remaining 20% being composed of single member shots inserted.

The members all have this “faux” hip hop look and feel to the shots. It’s like an exaggerated version of other hip hop music videos, minus the girls. We see them on cars, we see money and we see them making some sort of “food” and running away from a potential explosion. I feel that the “bad boy” look has been something IKON has toyed with for a while as a concept, and I’m not sure it ties so neatly together with this particular comeback.


Ultimately disappointing. I was expecting so much more from this comeback. Lacklustre lyrics, lacklustre song. If you have to tell me how cool I should I find you, I’m probably not going to think you are very cool.

If you want to hear some more IKON, I would recommend “My Type”, “Rhythm Ta” and “Dumb and Dumber”