The SM Station project continues to deliver a wide variety of musical genres and showcases the talents of upcoming, and newly established artists. This is the case for both Sik-K and Imlay. Sik-K has enjoyed a massive spike in popularity in recent months, as he has released some really well-received songs. Prior to his appearance on “Show Me The Money 4”, SIk-K was an underground rap artist who released some music, but not overly successful. Things have slowly changed for him, and now he is perhaps one of the hottest new artists to collaborate with.

Imlay has been a player in the electronica and DJ music scene for quite some time, but again, has recently enjoyed a spike in popularity.

This is the first time I will be reviewing a more “hip hop” style of music from SM Station, so let’s see how the song fares!



The title of this song is a little confusing. The meaning of “Decalcomanie” is from the French word for the artistic technique wherein prints are transferred to another medium, such as pottery. You may be more familiar with the shortened form, “decal”. I was confused when Mamamoo released a song by this name, but at least that made sense in terms of what the lyrics and video were attempting to achieve. I don’t know how this title’s meaning reflects the lyrics of this song, or the video. The most tenuous link I make is through the lyrics, where Sik-k tells the girl in question to not worry about what is going to happen in the future, and just to enjoy the moment, like he is. This symmetry of feelings is the closest thing to the title meaning I can find.

As mentioned, the lyrics of this song are all about enjoying life as it is at the moment, and not to worry about what may happen in the future. Sik-k asks the girl to enjoy the mood as it is because regardless of what comes their way, everything will be fine in the end. He implores the girl to not worry, and that even if people are jealous of their carefree lifestyle, that’s not their problem, because they have each other to make it through. The lyrics are pretty simple, and the song repeats itself entirely after the halfway point.

I enjoy Sik-k’s voice in this. It’s more hip hop than I normally listen to but his voice works really well with this type of song. I really like the lead up to the chorus, the particular rap section is probably my favourite out of the song.


Where to start.

I hate this video. I hate absolutely everything about it. It reminds of old telephone adverts in the mid-1990’s when designers discovered 3D effects, and added them to just about everything. They don’t fit in the video, they don’t fit anywhere, and look worse than cheesy. I detest the font choice in this, and I know it’s a silly thing to hate, but I’ve seen that font everywhere, and is used almost exclusively when people are trying to market things as “old and twee”. Again, I’m not sure how this fits in with the song.

The video has a lot of shots done with a negative filter added, and the green background just feels lazy. This is easily the worst video of the SM Station so far. It seems like it was made by someone in 1999 and was only recently discovered in a box somewhere in SM storage. With other videos that I disliked (such as Hitchhiker and Taeyong’s video) at least the shots were interesting. This has none of that.


Definitely not my style of music, but a nice song. It’s interesting and I really liked the vocals in it. Worst video of the year, to date, in my mind, and I’m including Berry Good’s awful video to their latest comeback.

For Sik-K, I would recommend “Party (Shut Down)” and “Rendevouz”. For Imlay, it has to be “Empress”.