Song                                                                      Music Video

Concept           6                                           Visual/Production Value                  6
Lyrics & Music               7                           Performance/Choreography           7
Catchiness                   7                               Costume                                              6
Lisa’s Opinion               7                              Lisa’s Opinion                                  6

TOTAL:  7/10


Jessi  is a soloist, who initially debuted  in 2005, under a different agency, but she is now under YMC Entertainment. The relationship with this agency has been troublesome, as her previous comeback “Don’t Make Me Cry”, received little to no promotion from the label. This time around, however,Jessi has released a full album, and promoted her latest song, “Gucci”, on several music shows. This shows a marked difference between her “promotions” last time around which were non-existent. Jessi has shown through her previous releases, that not only is she a very talented vocalist, she also has rap skills. She tends to release music that reflects  her mood at a specific time. Whilst her previous comeback was a more soulful ballad that showcased her vocal talents, this time around we get a more hip hop rap that shows off her rapping ability. The song has a very “American” sound to it, not only in the music but also the slang term “Gucci”. Jessi is from New Jersey in the United States so the influence of this in her music is unsurprising. For more information on Jessi, please check out the “All About: Jessi” page!



When I first heard about this song I was surprised that it was allowed to be aired on various broadcast networks, considering the ban on name brands from being broadcast. However, I then became familiar with the slang term “Gucci”, meaning “awesome, good, or ballin’”, it became clearer to me what Jessi meant. Armed with the knowledge that this was going to be very different song than I imagined, I was surprised to hear the soft opening music. The cellos and violins have a repetitive sound that are building to something, and just as I expected the crescendo to happen, the song changed direction completely. The sounds of brass instruments are layered over a flat, clapping beat coupled with Jessi’s deep voice, struck me immediately. It was unexpected in the best way. The song follows this pattern of the clapping beat with the horns to the pre-chorus, this builds again, only to be released with Jessi’s infectiously catchy chorus, where she doesn’t just simply state that she is “Gucci”, but I actually believe it.

In my previous reviews, I have expressed a distaste for “pretend swag”. The song wants me to believe how cool and awesome they are, but gives me little evidence on why this is the case. At best, it’s a false confidence and at worst, it’s arrogance. With this release, I don’t find this at all. Jessi has crafted a whole song about how awesome she is, but I believe every word of it. I believe she has the confidence to call out her anti-fans. She has has no time to waste on people who don’t want to be a positive influence in her life.


As with the song itself, the music video is a complete 180 degree shift from her previous release. Whereas “Don’t Make Me Cry” has muted colours, and we see Jessi’s previous relationship and the aftermath of it, this video is bright and colourful. Jessi dances with backup dancers, and the video focuses on things that signify power and wealth, such as parties, money, jewellery, intelligence, and even luggage. The video matches the tone of the song perfectly in this way.

I love the choreography in this video. It’s intercut with various different scenes of Jessi at a party, and we see her being the badass she sings about, or being “Gucci” in multiple situations. This helps to solidify that no matter what she does, Jessi comes out on top. The video emanates with the vibe that Jessi owns better than most idol rappers I’ve seen lately. I have no qualms about believing any of her claims at all!


This is one of my favourite songs from Jessi. It’s very different from her most previous release, and is very indicative of the type of music on her new album. It’s strong, both musically and lyrically, and showcases Jessi’s talents wonderfully.

If you want to hear more Jessi, I would recommend “Don’t Make Me Cry” and “Sseunni”