Jessica is a female soloist, who debuted in 2016 with her first song, “Fly”. However, she is no stranger to Kpop, and certainly not a newbie. Jessica was a member of Girls’ Generation, the massively influential girl group from SM Entertainment, for a number of years. During her time with the group, she gained huge popularity as a talented vocalist. She left the group in 2014, due to conflicting interests with her agency and her own business dealings. She has released a number of solo songs since then, and having covered her previous release here on Kpopmixtape, I was intrigued to see what she was going to release for her new comeback.

It’s Spring


It’s a ballad with a pretty piano intro, and the song has an overall retro sound that I generally love. Retro sounds always sound so relaxing, especially with the piano and flute that we hear in this song. Jessica’s voice sounds pretty decent in this. Whilst she always sounds great, this particular style of music seems to suit her tone rnice. Unfortunately, those are the only good things I have to say about this song, and I’m so disappointed about that.

The song lyrics focus on the feeling of new love, and finding everything around you beautiful because of it. Whether it’s something as simple as going for a walk or looking at flowers, everything takes on a new meaning when you are in love. Jessica wants us to know that that is how she is feeling in this song. The love she feels in this may be a one sided love, as the lyrics also speak of the possibility of her prospective partner not realising how deeply her new found love is for him. There are some images painted in the song that translate over to the images we see in the video, that remind us that these feelings are being compared to spring images, but it’s a little forced at times. Jessica sings of being excited and thrilled about her new love, but I honestly don’t hear that in her lyrics. She sounds bored and not believable at all. I cannot believe that she has a newly found love, and is beyond excited about it. The chorus that is filled with nothing but “La La La” really signifies how little care seems to have gone into this. I’m not against using “La La La” but this is the entire chorus. It doesn’t add anything to the song. Jessica tries to explain it by saying she is humming under her breath all day she is so happy, but it doesn’t translate well to the song.

There is also this rather peculiar sound effect on Jessica’s voice for a part of the song, that I can’t unhear now that I’ve noticed it. It’s a little like she is singing into a phone in places, and it’s very off putting.


This video has a strange vibe to it that I couldn’t quite place at first, and on my third rewatch it finally clicked to me. This video reminds me of the “behind the scenes” videos that some agencies release when their groups release a new song and MV. There is lots of shots of Jessica getting ready, getting her makeup done, and self shots in different outfits. It has an unpolished feeling to it,  maybe that’s what they were going for, but I doubt it.

The filters on the video also give it a very “early 1990s” home movie vibe. Whether it’s the “tearing” on screen or the washed out colours, it’s all very reminiscent of that “behind the scenes” look. There is lots of sunshine in this video, and this, along with the filters, manage to give it an almost art film vibe. There is also a lot of replicated shots, where the same shot is shown 9 or 12 times on screen. I’m not really sure why, but it does play into the art film ambiance.

Nothing really stands out for me in this video, I’m sure I’ll have forgotten all about in about a week’s time, as even the song didn’t manage to grab my attention, the video sure didn’t help.


Not for me at all. I think Jessica fans will love it, but honestly, as a casual listener of her material, this was a huge disappointment. It seems like no one really cared about this song, and the amount of effort gone into the music, lyrics and production all seems really minimal. It reminds me of the song on an album that you always skip.  

If you would like to hear more Jessica, I would recommend “Wonderland” and “Fly”.