JJ Project consists of two GOT7 members, JB and Jinyoung. Prior to debuting with GOT7 in 2014, both members debuted as a duo in 2012 as JJ Project, with the release of “Bounce”. However, the two did not release anything else as this unit, until the end of July 2017. In a complete 180, this song could not sound anymore different to “Bounce” and I’m delighted to be able to look at if for this “Throwback Thursday”.


Song Music Video
Concept 8 Visual/Production Value 9
Lyrics & Music 7 Performance/Choreography 7
Catchiness 7 Costume 8
Lisa’s Opinion 7 Lisa’s Opinion 8
Total 8/10


Tomorrow, Today


This song is a delicate balance of being lost and not being afraid. The lyrics focus heavily on the inability to see what path should be taken for future endeavors. It’s difficult to see where a life will lead, especially when decisions affecting the future need to happen right now. The members do a wonderful job in conveying this sense of trepidation through lyrics that speak of not wanting to have regrets, to seeing the scary possibilities of all futures and having to make one choice.

Given the exciting, upbeat tempo of “Bounce”, this song has much more of a focus on a soft rock sound, with an ongoing spotlight on JB and Jinyoung’s vocal talents. The song benefits not only from their gorgeous voices, both individually and harmonising, but also from the gentle melodic influence that is present throughout the entire track.

The song showcases the depth of the members’ teamwork, in that each person has a time to shine, and both make the listener stop and give their complete attention to the song at least once. The English pre-chorus is a particularly good example of this.

The only thing that was a tad lacking was the absence of, as they say, a “killing part”. Songs like “Tomorrow, Today” tend to benefit from a part that can be easily memorised and easily repeated. One that remains as an earworm long after the listener has moved on. This isn’t a slight on the song, as not every song needs this, but “Tomorrow, Today” could use a little injection of it.


The concepts expressed in the lyrics are difficult to express but this video manages to do so, and does it beautifully. The members are shown in a truck on a road for the most part, which conveys the sense of direction into the unknown. The members are in isolation, with no one else being shown throughout the music video. They don’t appear to be lonely though, as they are together, showing how the burden of the future is not only for them, personally, but for others.

The muted colours shown at the beginning of the video give the whole thing a nostalgic feeling, almost as if the viewer is watching it on VHS. This slowly ebbs away and we are shown vibrant green forests and startling blue skies; the video seems to open up in front of us. By the end of the first chorus, the sun shine is so much brighter.The endless possible futures are laid out and any one of them could be chosen.

Whilst the production quality of this video is top notch, there are a couple of choices that straddle the line between out-dated and nostalgic. The main example of this is the transition shots where one of the members is shown and a different shot is slowly transitioned through. The viewer is open to make this decision for themselves, but it did seem a little out of place with the rest of the video.

The scenery in this video is stunning on every level. The shots are incredible and it really showcases the sense of smallness that the song conveys. The most moving scene comes right at the end of the song, where the members come to a junction. They get out of their truck, take in their surroundings, and each of them take a different pathway. The song ends at this point, but the video continues on for 35 seconds. This section shows the members relaxing and reading, swapping books and generally being happy with each others company. It sums up everything that is right with this video, and ends on a lovely note.

Lisa’s Opinion

I am a sucker for ballads. Every type, every time. I will almost always gravitate towards them. When I heard that JJ Project was finally coming back, I was delighted. I had expected something a little deeper and a little more mature, especially as JB and Jinyoung contribute so much to GOT7’s albums, and their talents in singing, composing and producing are always improving. I was not in any way disappointed. This is a gorgeous track from JJ Project. Everything about it shows a maturity that did not exist for their first single in 2012.

Definitely a song that will be added to my playlist, and one that will most likely be a firm favourite as time goes on.

If you would like to hear more from gorgeous vocal talent of JJ Project, I would recommend “Paradise”, “Q” and “Firework”