Its taken me a little while to get my thoughts in order with regards to the KARD show that happened at Toronto Kpop Con about two months ago, and with their very imminent debut, I thought now would be a great time to take a look a back at their show here in Toronto!

Firstly, I had a fantastic time, and KARD did put on a great show, but I can’t help but feel it was perhaps a little premature having them as one of the acts this year. I understand that KARD are incredibly popular internationally, and that it made sense for TKC to have them from a financial point of view. However, the group only has three songs, and once those three songs were complete, it was onto different covers of different artists. They did give it their all, to their credit, but I would love to see them again when they have a little more stage presence, and a few more songs.

There were a number of difficulties on the night itself, from a disorganised queuing system to get into the venue to an incredibly long delay whilst waiting for the show to start. We didn’t get any update at all from staff about what was causing the delay or when we could expect the show to start, so we all sat for over an hour with no idea what was going on. When the show finally did start, there were a few technical difficulties in that a number of their songs backing tracks did not start when they were meant to. Of course, the audience took this upon themselves to sing the lyrics for KARD instead, and it was rather touching to see how shocked and flattered the members were about this.

Later in the show, we were made aware by the MC, who was also KARD’s tour manager, that there were a number of issues that almost caused KARD to cancel the gig, but thankfully they managed to pull through and deliver their show. This caused speculation from all of those around me about what could have caused such a decision, and we settled on possibly ongoing technical issues.

KARD were really happy to be performing for us, they seemed to really enjoy themselves. It was a valuable experience for them to have prior to debut and  I would like to see them get a few more shows under their belt, and possibly do some variety shows, so that I could get to see a little more of their personalities. I have a fair idea about BM’s personality, mainly due to the fact that he speaks English, and was able to communicate with the audience more naturally. Jiwoo is a little mischievous, urging the MC for more ridiculous punishments for the guys when they failed the Random Dance challenge, and then played innocent, chiding the audience for our laughs at BM’s sexy aegyo. Somin and J. Seph were pretty quiet and I would love to see them be a little more comfortable.

For the price I paid for the ticket ($90), I was happy with the show I saw, and I would absolutely go see them again when they have a little more experience.

With their upcoming debut, on July 20, 2017, I’m excited to see how they fare in Korea, as currently their popularity is incredible overseas, but not so much in the domestic market.