Kisum is a solo rapper who debuted under Mapps Entertainment in 2014. She’s shown her skills on both “Show Me the Money” (season 3), and “Unpretty Rapstar” (season 1). Since then she has released three EPs, “Like It”, “Musik”, and just recently “The Sun, The Moon”.  “Like it” was filled with collaborations and upbeat tunes, whereas “Musik” was written and composed by Kisum and shows many different sides of her. Both the “Like It”, and the “Musik” EPs had five songs and gave us three singles. With “The Sun, The Moon” just dropping on April 14, I’m hoping this three single trend will continue. But until then, let’s look at the first single from “The Sun, The Moon”, “Sleep Tight” feating Gilgu Bonggu.

Sleep Tight ft. Gilgu Bonggu


The song starts with a slow piano, which took me a little by surprise, but once Kisum comes  in, a steady beat starts up as well, and it instantly sounds like a Kisum track in the best possible way. This is clearly a new side we haven’t seen from any of Kisum’s releases yet, the song is slow, almost ballad like, but it has such a cute upbeat tone to it. And she manages to keep the chill rap she’s known for throughout the entire song keeping you interested. Once the chorus hits Gilgu Bonggu, starts harmonizing with her and it adds to the sweet feel of the entire song. “Sleep Tight” is such a perfect name for this song as everything about it makes me want to curl up in bed after a long day. It almost feels like a hug from a loved one. I’ve never heard a song that made me want to be in bed as much as this one without actually boring me.

The lyrics are just as sweet as the music. They talk about how hard the other person’s day must have been and why don’t they just rest, everything will be okay. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard such a genuinely happy song. It’s rare that we get a song about things going well in a relationship and about two people being happy and caring about each other. It’s a very refreshing outlook that always makes my heart feel light. I enjoy that the song manages to be happy and cutesy but it isn’t an upbeat tune. With every note, within every syllable you can feel how happy and content Kisum is. I love how different, yet simple this song manages to be.


The MV for this song gives off the same happy/content feeling that the music and lyrics do. It starts with Kisum saying goodbye to presumably her boyfriend, and then changing her mind and running after him. They run away together, and we are shown clips of the two hanging out together, taking silly pictures, watching movies, and running around at the beach. This MV is essentially a short romance movie, but without any of the drama. There’s no tension, no love rival, no obstacles, we don’t see anything bad happening because she ran off, and she never wakes up to reveal the whole thing was just a dream or anything infuriating like that. No, the video is happy and upbeat the entire time. It matches the tone of the song wonderfully and gives me the same curled up in bed feeling.

The only downside is that it won’t necessarily appeal to everyone in the same way. Some people have come to expect a lot from kpop MV’s. Although this MV does feel like a short romance story, a lot of people enjoy the drama and rivalry that come with romance stories and they look forward to it. With that said, this MV feels like a walk on a sunny spring day where the weather is just perfect and you can’t help but smile. The concept is simple, but sometimes the best things are simple.


I’m honestly a huge fan of Kisum, and possibly rather biased, but neither the song, nor the MV disappointed. I look forward to checking out the entire EP, and hope to see more singles from it. I suggest listening to this song to put you in a good, lighthearted mood whenever the intensities of the world have you down.

If you enjoyed “Sleep Tight”, I suggest checking out “2 Beer”, “Ocktabbang”, and “You & Me (Feat. Jooyoung)”.