Somehow Big Bang’s “Last Dance” MV has exponentially less looks in it, yet it’s taken me so much longer to write. Possibly because “Fxxk It” was so in your face it was impossible not to have an opinion, or a thousand. Now I’m not saying I don’t have opinions about “Last Dance”, far from it, I’m just saying they’ve taken me a little longer to sort though. Let’s just blame that on the fact that TOP sings in “Last Dance”, and sounds amazing, and destroyed my poor heart. It’s taken me this long to get over it all and to be able to objectively look at the outfits BigBang wear.

Gdragon, yet again having one more outfit than most of BigBang, brought his A-game for both. I have to say I really loved both his looks. And again I find myself a little angry about this. Like the polka dot pajamas over top of a harness, I’m honestly still not sure what exactly I’m looking at, but yet again GDragon makes it work. In the first shot of this video, we see GDragon standing precariously on a plank of wood high in the air. This is his “Last Dance” and he’s going to put himself out there, he’s got nothing left to lose, and his outfit shows this perfectly. I have been struck by his harness from my very first viewing of “Last Dance”. At first I didn’t know what it was, then once I realized it was actually a harness, for the wire making sure he didn’t fall, I was perplexed. Generally a harness is something to be hidden, something that would take away from the magic of the MV, yet here was GDragon leaving it completely revealed underneath a jacket that would easily cover it. It took me a little while before I realized how kind of perfect this actually is. Here’s GDragon, in an outfit that resembles pajamas, and a harness standing high in the air singing about lost love, growing older, and his best friend leaving. I don’t think he could have been more open and honest with the viewers unless he was actually naked.  

Then we have GDragon’s second outfit. A very different look, but again it’s perfect in the moment. I’m not a huge fan of the oversized jacket as part of this look, although I do see how it works. I feel like this outfit really shows of GDragon’s skills as a style icon. This is such a simple outfit, and it easily could have gone in many different directions. If the outfit had been more fitted, he would have looked more polished, but I don’t think it was what he wanted his clothes to say for this moment; for this MV. On the flip side, if GDragon’s clothes had been any baggier they would have looked too baggy, and probably would of come across not looking like his own clothing. GDragon’s outfit here looks dishevelled. You can tell he’s just fumbled his way through a crowd, as if he’s a little lost and fed up. Another very nice detail to this outfit is that  is shirt is ever so slightly tucked into his belt, this gives his outfit just a tiny hint of order and control; a look that would be lost if the whole outfit was dishevelled, such as his necklace being covered by his shirt. Bonus, it also show cases the Peaceminusone belt nicely.

Seungri only got one outfit, and he made sure he looked amazing in it. Seungri looks well put together, professional, with just a hint of casual. He doesn’t look very out of place standing at a train station, and I don’t think he’s supposed to. Seungri is the youngest member of BigBang and this means he doesn’t have to do his military service for a few years still. This may be his “Last Dance” with BigBang for a little while, but we all know he, like all members of BigBang, have many other projects he’s working on. I would be astonished if we don’t get at least one solo record from Seungri before he leaves for his Military Service. The black jacket with simple black trousers scream professional, especially with the added help of the white shirt peeking out under the jacket sleeves. The fact that the white shirt is a teeshirt instead of a button-down, along with the chain’s all over the jacket, lend to Seungri’s playfulness. If you’ve seen him on any variety show, you will know that he very much plays up being the maknae of the group. With this outfit he manages to show off his own personality, as well as stand out from the crowd that is behind him, in a very effortless way.

I’m surprisingly a really big fan of Taeyang’s outfit in “Last Dance”. I find he matches the mood, as well as his individual scenery. He also manages to stand out in a very simplistic way. The mood lighting for Taeyang’s scenes is essentially grey, with the only real pop of colour being the burning piano in the background (a big trend in kpop videos apparently). The grey lighting works really nicely as he is in an abandoned, and probably condemned, theatre. The reason Taeyang’s outfit works so well is because it’s also colourless so it matches the scenery. But the solid black jeans, and bold print jacket create a separation from the backdrop that makes Taeyang effortlessly stand out from this busy background. Even when he opens his jacket, Taeyang is wearing a simple black tee, that just like his jeans, makes him stand out because it is so simple. The background has so much going on in it that even with being almost colourless there’s so much to look at, and this is exactly what helps Taeyang stand out. Aside from the print jacket he has to break up all the black, his entire outfit is very subdued and basic, but here it works so perfectly, it’s almost needed. Plus, let’s be honest, he looks fantastic in all black. Now I can’t be positive, but by the looks of the extra fabric hanging by his waist, I’d say he’s wearing either a Peaceminusone tee or belt. 

I always find Daesung’s scenes of the “Last Dance” MV to be very visually striking. I think this is because of the vastness of his shots. He has a line in this song “Memories of the past still feel like a dream, and I don’t know where I’m going now”. I think this line describes Daesung’s scenes perfectly; they have a very dreamlike quality to them, the whole video does really. It’s a very simple background filled with flying paper, a few speakers, and faceless people wandering around Daesung. And even though it is such simple scenery, I feel like it’d be so easy to be lost in these shots; even with Daesung standing in the middle atop a speaker. Like Taeyang, Daesung used a strong pattern to really stand out, but unlike Taeyang, he also uses colour. Along with his gorgeous knee length jacket, Daesung has on a printed tee, subtle, but it makes a difference.The shirt is hardly seen in a lot of shots, but the few that it is visible in, it has the desired impact. Aside from his jacket, Daesung has a very casual outfit on, there’s a really nice contrast between the rest of his outfit and his jacket that shows the idea of him not fully knowing where he’s going.

TOP, like GDragon, actually has two outfits in this MV. But unlike GDragon, TOP is one of the BigBang members who is in this video the least. Unlike every other member of BigBang, TOP is rarely in a clip where he’s not singing. Even when he is singing, a lot of the time the focus is on one of the other members. This is not to say that TOP’s outfits are unimportant, or don’t work with the MV just as well as all the others did. If anything TOP’s barely seen outfits may work the best and say the most in this particular MV. The first time we see TOP, he’s wearing another military styled jacket, and unlike in “Fxxk It”, in “Last Dance” I feel this is important. Everyone knows what this song is about, so although TOP has worn many military styled jackets over the years, this one was chosen for a reason. There is nowhere else to look, but at TOP; the only other discernible items when TOP is on screen is a chandelier, and a mural of cherubs. I think he is forcing not only all the fans, but himself, to accept what is next to come. This is why there’s nothing else to look at, but he’s softening the blow by not being on screen nearly as much. 

This second outfit is a lot more casual, and I think a lot less important than TOP’s first. He’s wearing brighter colours to cheer the mood up a little. He is also wearing, for TOP at least, fairly casual clothes. But it really doesn’t matter. You hardly see this outfit at all. The focus is all on TOP, and his goodbye to the fans, as if he’s trying to give them a “Beautiful one last smile” before he leaves.

Now, everyone does actually have one more outfit, but these are only part of “Last Dance” for a few seconds so I decided not to break them down. You do get a better look at these outfits in the “Making Of” video, but there’s still not a lot to go off of. After viewing the video multiple times, I realized that only GDragon and TOP are in lighter colours. For the longest time I had thought they all were. I always feel like the shot of them all sitting together really gives off the impression that they’re all so much happier together. I guess that’s why I thought they were all wearing light colours.


I’ve listened to this song now over fifty times, and I’ve viewed the MV only a few times less than that. I’m still blown away by how beautiful the song is, and how well the MV works with it. This would not of been an easy MV to create I’m sure. BigBang are laying their feelings out there in a way that seems a lot more personal than most of their songs. I’m glad to see that they took the time and thought needed to deal with TOP’s military service. All the little style details are amazing and a tribute to how much thought clearly went into everything. I was close to tears the very first time I watched the “Last Dance” MV, and I admit after so many viewings, I still am. Only now I smile a little more when I realize just how talented BigBang truly are and I can easily say there is no way this will be their “Last Dance”.