In honour of Mixtape’s recent trip, I decided to put together some of Mixtape’s best long flight travel tips. Some of these we found out the hard way, others we simply found.  


Water Bottle: This is the greatest and the best tip I can give you for honestly ANY flight you take. BRING A WATER BOTTLE! You can fill it after you’ve passed security and then ask the flight attendants to fill it for you when they come around with water. 250ml an hour is never enough water, so it’s definitely not enough when you’re flying, and running low on sleep. Bonus: If possible bring one with a larger opening, some flight attendants are apprehensive about pouring into a smaller one.

Neck pillow: This is an obvious one. It doesn’t take up much space and it’s comfier and more supportive than the pillows (sometimes) provided by airlines. Bonus: The inflatable ones take up even less space and can be deflated or inflated to meet your comfort needs.

Provided Pillow: If you do receive a provided pillow, stick that baby behind your lower back for some support. It’ll help with having to sit for such a long time.

Sweater: Bring one, even if you’re going somewhere where you won’t need a sweater (say like Japan, or South Korea in August) it gets mighty chilly being that high up.

If anyone knows the importance of a neck pillow it’s Suga


Lip Chap/ Hand cream: Both will fit nicely in your plastic bag and both will be needed. It gets very dry at that altitude and nobody wants to land with chapped lips and hands.

Face Wipes: It’s a little difficult to wash your hands in the tiny airplane sinks, let alone your face. Plus let’s be honest, you don’t want to be that person that takes up the bathroom for half the flight. Face wipes will help you not feel like the most disgusting being ever once you finally get off the plane.

Makeup: Just don’t do it. Although face wipes will help you not be super gross, they’re not actually great at really cleaning your face. Don’t try to make them work extra. At most, bring some mascara with you for right before you disembark the plane.

Samples: I am fully under the impression that beauty samples were created for long flights. It’s just too perfect. They take up no space, and you can still keep a little of your beauty regime. Try and get your hands on a face moisturizer at the very least.

Mouthwash/ deodorant: This one is simple, don’t be the smelly person on board.

Eye drops: Don’t lie to yourself, you’re not getting a good rest on the flight. Eye drops will help you feel just a little less tired, or at least let you keep your eyes open, at the end of the flight.


Headphones/ earplugs: You will definitely want to have the option to block everyone out during the flight.

Snacks: Just as the water provided isn’t enough to sustain you, neither are the meals. I’m a big fan of granola bars. They’re cheap, filling, good for weeks if you don’t eat them all, and they’re fine if they get a little smooshed in your bag.

Coffee: This one pains me to say, but you should refrain from drinking a lot of coffee, or even booze on the flight. To repeat myself for the 3rd time, it’s super dry up there, you need to keep what little hydration you can get, coffee and booze will only make you feel so much worse.

And Lastly: 

Thank your flight attendants a lot. If you think you’re tired, try working during that long flight instead of just sitting around watching movies.


What are some of your essential travel tips?