Lovelyz are an eight member female group under Woolim Entertainment that debuted in 2014. Woolim Entertainment is also home to the incredibly popular male group, Infinite. Lovelyz have yet to reach the same heights as their sibling group but I’m hoping that will slowly  change, especially with their latest release, “Now, We”.  It has gotten them their first win, and I’m delighted for them!

Now, We


Lovelyz previous release, “WoW”, which I also reviewed (here), is different to “Now, We” in the same way that “WoW” is different from their previous releases. Lovelyz had stuck with the same concept for a long time, the sweet, ethereal, naive girl, and with “WoW’, it was just a little different. “Now, We” is also a little different. This time, we return to the slightly cutesy outfits, but this song is more upbeat than the last time they tried this specific concept.

The intro to this song has a video game-esque sound, meaning that it’s repetitive and catchy, and lodges itself in your brain for hours at a time. A lot of this song is rather like that, the chorus included. Its another one of Lovelyz songs that just sticks with me long after I finish listening to it. The chorus sounds different to the rest of the song, but manages to sound cohesive with the song overall.

The lyrics in this song are pretty standard fare. The members are in a new relationship and they can’t quite believe it’s true. Everything seems like a dream and they aren’t even sure if the relationship is real, things are going so well. The lyrics follow on nicely from their previous release, wherein they were concerned about their new love, and were possibly even a little scared of it. This song is so much more sure of their new love, and it’s a nice contrast.


This video has a magical quality to it. We are shown books and small items as they float above the members heads. The video itself has a dream-like feel to it, with the blue hues being more present. This allows other colours to have much more of an impact, such as the bright yellow shoes. These vibrant pops of colour stand out so much more because of the paler blue and white palette.

There is a lot of dance choreography in this, which is great as I love this dance routine. It utilises a lot of different levels, which is something we don’t normally see, especially in girl group dances. We get to see nearly all of the members kneel, and use the floor as a dance space, which creates are really unique silhouette for the group. Because of this, I was excited to see the full choreography.

Overall, the video, while having some nice imagery, does not seem to be one that I will remember in six months. Perhaps it’s the colour palette, or perhaps its the sets, but it all has a vague sense of familiarity about it, and I feel like I constantly end up confusing it with other videos.


I love this song. It’s catchy and upbeat, and has the “hook” quality that keeps it in my head. It’s perhaps the final thing that convinced me that I need to buy their latest album, as I’m becoming more and more intrigued by Lovelyz.

If you want to hear more Lovelyz, I would recommend checking out “WoW!”, “Goodnight, Like Yesterday” and “For You”.