Lovelyz are a eight member group under Woolim Entertainment and have been active since their debut in 2014. They are a beautiful sounding group, whose vocal line compliment each other perfectly. Their previous concepts have all been very cutesy, almost ethereally so, and I was pleasantly surprised to see them go for something a little different this time around. Not massively different, just enough to make me more curious!



“WoW” is a song that I was not expecting from Lovelyz. Their previous singles have all been delightfully elegant, and they are definitely at the top of their game, vocally. “WoW’ goes even further for their sound; it’s brought a little more variety to it. In the past, their vocals have been beautiful but a little “middle of the road”, with nothing to really make the listener take notice. Whilst the vocals are always stunning, in “WoW”, we get to hear the blending of Lovelyz’s voices in a whole new way. The stand out for me in this track is Kei. I love her voice, and she has the most interesting part of the song to me. Her intonation for the bridge is really refreshing, and isn’t like anything I’ve heard all year. It is super catchy, in a way that I enjoy humming to myself long after I’ve heard it.

Unfortunately, the lyrics for “WoW’ aren’t overly compelling. They tell the usual story of a girl slightly unsure about love, and therefore is a little cold about it. It’s nothing we haven’t heard a thousand times. The chorus, however, is a little peculiar. It speaks about love being a two dimensional space and that it is almost nothing, because it has no shadow. The members speak of having to fold their heart to overcome this barrier. I’ve read numerous translations and done my best to try and translate it myself, but I honestly can’t get it any clearer than that. It comes out of nowhere in the song, and doesn’t match the previous lyrics or the lyrics that follow.



The MV for “WoW’ is charming. There’s no other word for it. The video doesn’t have a story line, it’s not filled with beautiful scenery or impressive landscapes. It’s an adorable video of the members being paper dolls within a house. It’s reminiscent, in some ways, of IOI’s “Very, Very, Very”, with the repetition of the members frozen in different poses. The members styling is also very similar to the outfits Red Velvet wear in “Rookie’, and in the stages for that song. In fact, I’m nearly positive one of the dresses is the exact same! No one group owns these concepts, but I feel bad for Lovelyz as surely some anti-fans will use this against them.


I find the close up shots of the girls with the stickers on their faces very endearing, and it isn’t something I’ve seen before. It made an already cute scene even cuter and brought something a little different to the MV.

I enjoyed the freeze frame sections of the MV a lot. It seemed to have a little more substance behind the cuts than the split second ones from the IOI video. These ones gave the impression of weightiness, that perhaps there was more than one of the members in the same room.  It’s a neat effect and works really well with the concept of the MV.

I would like to see more of the choreography. We only get two small segments of the dance, and it’s a little on the short side. I think that if dance breaks are included at all, they should be substantial enough to show a decent portion of the dance routine.


I hope this song gets Lovelyz a little more recognition. They have released some gorgeous ballads, and this is a step in a new direction for them. They are very talented and I’m excited to see where they go from here. Definitely one to add to my list, even if it is just for the awesome chorus!

If you liked Lovelyz, my personal recommendations for other songs by them are  “For You, “Goodnight Like Yesterday” and “Candy Jelly Love