Minzy is a former member of girl group 2ne1, and she left prior to the group disbandment. Minzy has said that she didn’t want to leave 2ne1, but that she felt that YG Entertainment did not promote her enough during 2ne1’s hiatus. Feeling frustrated, she left the group and the company, and went to work on launching her solo debut. She had been very quiet for most of the intervening time period, and when news of her solo debut date finally came, I was ready and eager to see what she had spent so long working on for us.



The introduction to the song sets the bar high. It’s repetitive and has a mesmerising quality. This is something that is present throughout the song. Whether it’s Minzy’s specific singing style in this, or the lyrics themselves, the song has an alluringly hypnotic tone to it. For the most part, all the elements work well to produce this quality, and it almost works for this song,  but listening to Minzy sing in the same tone for the whole song does become tiring. There is no difference in her voice at all, especially in the verses, and whilst it fits the hypnotic tone, it becomes boring after the second verse. There is nothing to grab my attention. The monotonous tone actually began to grate on my nerves after a few listens.

The lyrics focus on Minzy being the best performer. She can handle anything you throw at her, and she will do it brilliantly. The premise seems to be of a dance battle, that Minzy will easily win. In fact, she will show you paradise while she’s at it. That’s the extent of the lyrics. There isn’t anything big or impressive here, nor is it simple or humble. The lyrics make no sense at times, and Minzy seems to have no passion in terms of what she is singing about.

The song is featuring Flowsik, so I was looking forward to hearing his contribution. But I was disappointed. He’s involved for less than 30 seconds, and seems even more checked out than Minzy. The air horn that precedes Flowsik’s verse is distracting, and startles me every time. He doesn’t need to be in this song at all. He doesn’t add anything to it, and ultimately, it’s a waste of a talent and what could have been a fantastic collaboration, with the right song.


The video for this song is appropriately about 80 percent dance choreography, but you can’t see any of it. There are so many quick cuts, and shaky camera angles that it’s almost impossible to watch and enjoy the dance routine. For this review, I watched the video at least ten times, but by the 3rd or 4th time, it was starting to make me nauseous. It’s a difficult video to watch multiple times because of all the quick cuts.

We see Minzy dance in several scenarios; on her own in front of mirrors, with male backup dancers, and again with a larger mixed group of backup dancers. There doesn’t really seem to be any reason for this, except to match with “dance battle” tone that the lyrics refer to. I do like the dance in front of the mirror sequences as the shots are beautiful, from what I can see of them.

Flowsik doesn’t appear in the video at all until his guest verse, and as quickly as he arrives, he leaves again. It’s very sudden and you could be forgiven for wondering if he was really there at all!

There are very few parts of this video that I like, I found it lazy overall. I enjoyed the sections with Minzy’s close up with the sunglasses, as she seemed to be at least having a modicum of fun at that point, but it’s all taken away again when we see her in the green jumpsuit. It could be the “swag” type of persona that she is adopting but it just made her unapproachable in this.


Underwhelming debut from Minzy. I was expecting something with a bit more bite, a bit more intensity, and got what appears to be a lukewarm, half thought out song that seems to want to cruise on Minzy’s previously established fandom, rather than pushing her to achieve

If you want to hear more Minzy, I would direct you to the extensive back catalogue that 2ne1 have. My favourites being her cover of Beyonce’s “Halo“, “Missing You” and “Ugly