Monsta X are a seven member boy group from Starship Entertainment. They were formed from the reality tv show “No Mercy” in 2015, and have since been one of the busiest groups I know. Few groups have managed to release 8 songs in a year and a half, and continue on to other schedules too! However, as much as they are loved by their fans (Monbebe), they have yet to get a win on a music show. Let’s check out their latest song and see if it has what it takes to secure them that all important first win.



From the beginning of this song, I didn’t know what I should expect. It opens with an almost EDM like beat that snares the attention, and just as you begin to get interested, the beat comes in full force, and we are left to witness Jooheon. The song opens with a rap from him that is much more forceful than I was expecting from a song titled “Beautiful”. This strong tone is continued when IM takes over, and the lyrics are becoming a little more intense, noting that the partner is like a thorny flower, but not caring if they bleed, as they still want to be with them, regardless of outcome. We are soon given a reprieve from this intensity when Shownu comes in, and his melodic voice is the perfect counterbalance to the heaviness in Jooheon’s and IM’s.  The tone of the song shifts immediately and he sets the chorus up beautifully, so that Wonho and KIhyun can reinforce the softness in the music. The switch between the fierce rap and the sweet singing happens numerous times in the song, and it’s wonderfully done. The rap doesn’t feel like it was shoehorned into the song, and the vocals aren’t overpowered by it/overpower the rap. It’s a great example of how the rapline can bring a different edge to a song, because without it, I don’t believe that “Beautiful” would be half as interesting.

The lyrics themselves have an almost despondent tone to them. The members are in awe of this partner, everything about them consumes the members. They know that if they get too close to the object of their affections they will get hurt, and they even reflect on it in the lyric “you are more beautiful when I look at you” and “too beautiful to handle” . They further drive this message home that the partner is “so beautiful it makes them sad”. This isn’t a love song, this is a commentary. There is a level of acceptance that the members will never get to be with the partner, but they are honestly ok with that, as the beauty only dims when they are with the partner.

I cannot emphasis enough how well Monsta X’s vocal line match one another. They sound as if they were made to sing with each other, and this is the first song that I have heard that as clearly. I would have liked to see Minhyuk and Hyungwon get a few more lines, but I am sure that next time around they will.


This video is easily one of the most aesthetic that Monsta X have done. It’s definitely a more mature concept for them, and one that I am big fan of! Their previous MV’s have all had a little bit too much forced “look how much swag we have” with the exception of “White Love”. It’s a direction that I am super glad they have gone in, as they look more like men now, and a concept that I can definitely get behind.

The video itself focuses on what appears to be different personal “prisons” with each of the members being confronted by something in their locked rooms. Whether it’s money, weapons, or mirrors, they all must overcome it to escape the room. The exception to this is Jooheon who appears on the outside of the prisons but is the only one with a watch, representing time. It’s a very subtle concept, and one that works really well with the video as a whole. Eventually they manage to destroy their prisons and overcome the obstacles found in each.

The lighting is very cognisant of the personal prisons, with each member being bathed in a different hue. It’s a very beautiful idea, and certainly one that only enhances the beauty concept.

The dance breaks in this MV are definitely more present than in a lot of their other MVs. I would estimate that this video is perhaps about 60% dance break, with 40% story, and what a dance break it is! Monsta X always have stunning choreography but they have really upped their game this time. Its powerful, masculine, and elegant at the same time. The jacket move they pull off towards the end is incredible and easily one of my favourite points of the routine. It’s even better to see on the music shows!


A different, more mature concept from the boys from Starship, One of my favourite songs that they have done, and if they are going to be doing more like this in the future, I am even more intrigued by them!

If you liked this song, and want to hear more Monsta X, my personal recommendations would be “White Love”, “Rush” and “All In”.