Monsta X are a seven member boy group under Starship Entertainment in 2015. As mentioned in my previous review of their single “Beautiful”, they were formed through a reality show called “No Mercy” prior to debut, and have since been very busy. This single, “Shine Forever”, is part of the repackaged album “The Clan 2.5; The Final Chapter”. It’s one of two new songs on the album, and whilst I’m generally not a big fan of repackaged albums, I was excited to get another comeback from Monsta X so soon after their last one.

Shine Forever


I’m loving the latest direction that Monsta X are heading in, both lyrically and musically. It has a more mature polish to it, especially when compared to their earlier releases. The slow opening of this song, and the vulnerable lyrics are all something that I want to see more of from Monsta X.

These lyrics are probably some of my favourites that this group have released. They sing about being completely alone and in the dark, and only her smile can help them through. Her smile is enough to light up the darkness, and even though they can’t possibly compare to her shining beauty, they want to offer what little comfort they can, “to be her missing piece”. The lyrics continue to detail this girl’s stunning beauty, and it’s not just her physical appearance. The members find everything about her to be flawless. They are completely enraptured by her. This song is an ode to that first love, that nothing can compare to, and Monsta X execute it wonderfully.

The rap and vocal lines are fabulously interwoven in this release, but that is something I’ve come to expect from this group. Nothing feels out of place, and the song benefits massively. I do find that the rap sections in this are a little longer than previous releases, but they work well overall. Again, I found that Minhyuk and Hyungwon had noticeably fewer lines than the rest of the members. I really want this to change soon, as Minhyuk especially has a great voice that I want to hear more of.


I love a video chock full of story and imagery, and this MV definitely delivered! From my understanding of the video,  Minhyuk was driving a car with all the members in it, when he had a car accident. All of the members survived, except for Kihyun. In the video, we see the members tackle Minhyuk in several ways, presumably blaming him for Kihyun’s death. Jooheon grabs him by the shirt and shakes him, Shownu punches him, and Wonho completely ignores him, and walks away. Kihyun is still present through all of this, but has a blindfold on. No one can see him, even when he comforts Minhyuk after the fight. It’s unclear as to whether Minhyuk can see him either. The stark natural imagery, the black and white insert shots, and the gloomy storyline all make this video one of my favourites from Monsta X.

It does have almost nothing to do with the song, however. There is very little related imagery in the video and in the song. The video has no dance routine, which is unusual for this group, but reminds me a lot of their other “clan”- related MV’s, such as “All In” and “Fighter”. The imagery of the lights surrounding the members on the ground at the very end of the video is beautiful, and is probably the only vaguely related image to the song in the entire video.


Another great release from Monsta X. Not one of my favourite title tracks of theirs, but definitely a welcome addition to their discography!

If you need more Monsta X in your life, I would absolutely recommend “Beautiful”, “White Love”, and “All In”.