Pentagon are a ten member boy group from Cube Entertainment that debuted in late 2016. With only BTOB left as a Cube boy group, Cube were anxious to debut a new group as soon as possible. Pentagon were due to debut in July 2016, but their debut showcase was delayed until October for unreleased reasons. The members of Pentagon were all chosen through a reality show broadcast on Mnet. There was some controversy regarding this, as when the final lineup for Pentagon was announced, not only was the group 10 members (as opposed to the 7 it was initially), but eliminated members of the reality show would make up the other 3 members. Thankfully, this was the right decision by Cube, as I frankly could not see Pentagon without E’Dawn, Shinwon and Yan An. They debuted at the same time as another boy group, SF9, and I have been waiting for a new Pentagon song, since SF9 released their last single.

Critical Beauty


This song opens with an homage to the 1950s Americana music. It uses “Elvis”influenced guitar at the beginning, and straight away I knew this was going to be different to anything else Pentagon have done. The song has a unique retro sound, one that I haven’t really heard before, within Kpop.The chorus is my favourite part of the whole song, as it works really well within the structure of the song. I also really like the way the song transitions between the rap and vocal sections. It does a fantastic job of highlighting each of the members skills and gives them all a little bit of the spotlight, even if it does lean heavily on Hui and Jinho.

The lyrics of this song focus on a girl that is so beautiful she is hard to look at. The members will do anything for her, and they can’t quite believe they are in a relationship with her. They ask her not to smile “like that” in front of them, as it causes their brain to stop working. They mention that it’s so obvious that they like her, even if they are being a little hard to read by playing the tough guy. The verse about wedding/couple rings is possible the cutest verse of any song I’ve heard this year.

“Somehow this shining thing

Found its way

Into my pocket

I guess you can try putting it on your finger

Oh goosebumps, it fits you perfectly

How come the same ring

Is on my finger?”


The video matches the retro tone of the song nicely. However, the retro in the video is little more of a 1920s flavour than the 1950s style music. We see the 1920s-esque styling in the suits the guys wear, the font choices, the old school fairground the video is shot in, and even in the head-dresses the guys wear for the second half of the video, which are very “flapper” inspired. I’m not sure of the inspiration for this video, as it’s a little all over the place, but it works, somehow!

I love the colour palette in this. From the softer pastels of the suits, to the vibrant, colour soaked single shots, the video does a wonderful job of showing us the beauty the members are speaking of, without actually showing us the girl in question. The single shots of the members in this are all beautifully done, with the camera capturing them at their best. It gives a movie shoot vibe to the video and helps to achieve a higher quality of MV than I have seen previously from Pentagon.

However, there is one member less in this comeback than with previous ones. Yan An fell during a dance rehearsal, and injured his right hand so badly he needed surgery. I’m glad that he is being given the time to rest, and I’m hoping he will be back soon!


Pentagon’s best song to date. It’s upbeat, unique, and a whole lot of fun. Definitely on my “to-watch” list for the next power nugu boy group!

If you want to hear more Pentagon, I would recommend “Gorilla”, “Can you feel it?”, and “Nothing”.