Song                                                                      Music Video

Concept               7                                              Visual/Production Value                  8
Lyrics                   7                                              Performance/Choreography           8
Catchiness          9                                              Costume                                              8
Lisa’s Opinion    8                                              Lisa’s Opinion                                  8

TOTAL:  8/10


The ladies of Red Velvet are back! They have recently  finished up their first solo concert in Seoul, and are coming back under the pressure of the Mega Group, Girls Generation who are under the same company. For more information on these ladies, check out our “All About: Red Velvet” article! Let’s take a look at their new summer song “Red Flavour (sorry, Canadian!)”


Out of all the songs released this season none of them ooze the summer feeling like ‘Red Flavour’. The lyrics and the music hit you straight away at the beginning of the song. There is no build up, no drawn out intro, just the women and their powerful vocals. The song starts with the chorus, and the catchiness and upbeat sound remains for the remainder of the song. A lower pitched vocal effect can be heard mixed in, but it is used mostly in the chorus.

The lyrics of the song are just as summery and upbeat as the music. They focus on all the things that remind the members of summer; everything from palm trees, hot days and summer love.They sing that their new love reminds them of summer, and that its refreshing in every sense of the word. There are numerous mentions of the word “Red” throughout the song, and this is nice tie-in to the group name.


The video matches this song in its sunny, upbeat visuals. Every one of the colours used are strong and vibrant, and in abundance. The myriad of colours on the screen at all times helps to promote a sense of liveliness that is perfect for this song. The colours seem to come alive and the video is perfect for the tone of the song, even if the visuals presented don’t match the lyrics all the time.

There is a really unique idea in this video where each of the girls represents a summer fruit: Irene is grapes; Joy is a pineapple; Yeri is an orange; Wendy is a watermelon and Seulgi is a kiwi. We see shots of these fruits interspersed throughout the video, and they appear as backdrops for various shots of the members dance routine. [The video also has some rather cute moments in it, where we see shots of the members as kids, and now that they are grown up, we see them try to recreate the photos, complete with clothes and hair styles.]

Lisa’s Opinion

“Red Flavour” has to be my favourite song of the summer to date. Everything about is perfect. The song, the music, the video, the clothes. Everything. It spurred me on to buy my very first Red Velvet album, and I am thrilled that this is the song that solidified my love for them.

The only flaw I have with it is the vocal effect that is mixed in. No matter how often I listen to this song, I can’t seem to move past it. It doesn’t add anything to song, and I surmise that it may be a producer signature (Looking at you Cha Cha Malone, for example). Otherwise the song itself typifies what I’ve come to expect from Red Velvet: A a little bit kooky, very catchy, and very vocally impressive.

Wendy stands out in this for me. Her solo parts at the end of the song round it out nicely, and I could listen to her sing all day. Her depth is matched by Joy and Seulgi who do a fantastic job here.Normally, I dislike songs that have a rap section shoehorned in, but Irene and Yeri’s parts here work excellently with the rest of the song, and don’t’ feel out of place in any way.

I really enjoyed the styling in this video for the most part. The outfits were perfect for the concept. The bright colours and bold patterns helped to evoke the summery feeling that the song has. I have noticed that Wendy, especially on the live stages, has been looking a little skinnier than she has in the past, and I hope that she is doing ok.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this release and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great summer song to add to their playlist. You can buy this song on iTunes, Google Play or your favourite Korean Music store! 


For more awesome Red Velvet, I would recommend “Russian Roulette”, “Be Natural” and “Dumb Dumb”.