SM station is a project run by SM Entertainment that began in 2016. Artists from this company have been releasing solo songs and group collaborations through this platform periodically throughout the year. Some of my favourite songs of 2016 came from this project. (Ryeowook and Bada’s “Cosmic”, BoA and Beenzino “No Matter What”,  and Jonghyun’s “Inspiration” are still on my playlist!). I was delighted to hear that SM were going to continue this project into 2017, and that they were kicking it off with Red Velvet.

Red Velvet are a 5 member girl group that debuted in 2014. They are known for their soulful “Velvet” songs and their upbeat, cutesy “Red” songs. Their latest release “Rookie” has won them numerous awards, and my opinion on it can be found here.

Would U


The moment the song begins, I am instantly reminded of Red Velvet’s “Velvet” releases. It’s a little slower and not as cutesy as their last couple of comebacks, and I honestly think it suits them better. I can really hear how well they harmonise together in this. Their talents are very obvious here and there is no “black hole” in terms of vocal talent. However, Joy is not in this release. I’m guessing that she is currently too busy filming her drama “The Liar and His Lover”, but it not quite the same without her voice in the mix. It’s not Red Velvet without all of the members, and I’ve seen them too much lately without Joy.  

The lyrics of this song aren’t overly deep or thought provoking. The lyrics portray a sweet little love story, about how the members want this moment of connection with their partner, like what they would have read in a fairy tale. It’s a very innocent and pure vision of love that they have. They wish for nothing more than their partner to “kiss them softly on the cheek”. Whilst the melody and music have more in common with their “Velvet” releases, the lyrics are definitely more in the “Red” category. They are almost naively sweet in a way.

The song itself is pleasant to listen to but I’m not sure I would seek it out.


The MV for this compliments the song perfectly. It has an quaint feeling to it, and the English garden setting further enforces that. The French titles to the various Acts in the MV also put me in mind of a European style, garden party. There are numerous shots of various flowers and plants, and these are intercut with scenes of Irene reading letters and opening presents.

Irene looks beautiful in this. The styling and the soft lighting give her an ethereal look, and it seems to fit the overall look of the MV perfectly. It is a pity that we don’t see any of the other members in this, and for those unfamiliar with Red Velvet, they could be forgiven for thinking this is a solo project for Irene. I think it was perhaps short sighted by SM to produce a song without one member, and then an entire MV without the rest of the members. Given that there is a lot of support for Red Velvet’s original lineup (i.e. the lineup without Yeri), things like this only strengthen the akgae fans (fans who only like one member of the group).


Overall, this isn’t a great song. It’s perfectly pleasant, and definitely more in tune with what I like to see from Red Velvet. I much prefer it to their last release, but I don’t think I would actively seek it out. Perfectly pleasant, but nothing of great substance.

For more Red Velvet like this one, I would recommend “Body Talk”, “Little Little” and “Be Natural