Full Name: Lisa
Nicknames: N/A
Position: Leader, Nugu Guru, Comeback Queen and everything in between
Birthday: June 30, 1987
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O negative
Specialties:  Falling over things that aren’t there and  worrying about making sure my friends have eaten
Colour: Orange
Education: Bachelors of Social Science, Masters of Social Work
Birthplace: Tipperary, Republic of Ireland
Family: Husband, Dad, Mam and a younger sister
Favourite food: Bulgogi,  pizza, lasagna and sushi
Hobbies: Kpop, reading, videogames, and more kpop
Favourite artists: BTS, Got7, Shinee, Super Junior, Sistar, and Astro
Favourite non Kpop artists: The Civil Wars, Passion Pit, Daughter and early 90s rock
Ultimate Bias: Jung Kook
-Moved to Canada 2 years ago
-Has 2 cats and allergic to dogs
-Can drink enough coffee to kill a man
-Speaks a dying language

Full Name: Nah Dee
Position: Style, On Repeat, Word of the Week
Birthday: October 8 1989
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: Coffee
Specialties: Sewing, Cracking an egg one-handed, and making random noises
Colour: Lilac
Education: College Certificate for: Pre-Media & Entertainment, Fashion Design, and Technical Costume Studies
Birthplace: Hamilton, ON, Canada
Family: Dad, Mom, two older brothers
Favourite food: Bulgogi, Kimchi rice, Bibimbap, and burgers
Hobbies: Kpop, reading, videogames, baking, guitar, and writing
Favourite artists: BTS, Got7, Day6, Shinee, Giriboy, Twice, Blackpink, Kisum, Mamamoo, Royal Pirates
Favourite non Kpop artists: One Ok Rock, Munizo, Mother Mother, Billie Holiday, Lupe Fiasco, Elle King, July Talk, Childish Gambino
Ultimate Bias: Rap Monster
-Has visited: the UK, Holland, Greece, Italy, Turkey, and the USA
-Most wants to visit South Korea and Japan
– is currently learning French, Korean, and Dutch
– Won blue ribbon for a cookie recipe 3 years in a row at a fair
-Won “Best Design” for an active wear design while in Fashion Design
– Works at a tailoring shop
– Loves Squirrels
– Took vocal lessons for about 7 years