Sechskies are a group with some history. This year, they celebrated their 20th anniversary, and have been involved in the industry, in both active and passive ways since their debut in 1997. They debuted with six members under Daesung Entertainment, which would eventually become DSP Media, the agency that had KARA and Rainbow, prior to their disbandment. Currently, both KARD and April are under DSP. Sechskies were active between 1997 and 2000, when the group disbanded. There have been rumours that the group didn’t disband because the members wanted to bow out while they were still popular, but due to taxation irregularities on behalf of their agency.  The members all went their separate ways for the intervening period of time, and in 2016, YG Entertainment announced that five members of the original group had reformed and are now under their label. The group were now going to promote once more.  This promotion cycle is their first proper cycle since their reformation, and I’m interested to see how they get on.

Sad Song


I love songs that are deeper than they initially appear. For “Sad Song”, you could be forgiven for mistaking the upbeat tone of this song as something more positive than it is. However, this tone actually highlights the pain that the members are singing about perfectly. The lyrics of the song focus on doing almost anything to not remember the end of their relationship. This includes getting drunk and partying too hard. Everything reminds them of their previous partner, including music. With this song, they are imploring the DJ to please not play a sad song, as they just need a little more time to be try and be happy, as a sad song might break them completely. The almost pleading tone of the last verse is particularly fitting, as they are asking the DJ to not play any sad songs, until their partner returns to them, however unlikely it is.

The melody has a very Sechskies sound. It sounds like it fits perfectly with their back catalogue, without sounding dated. This is a crucial tightrope for this group to walk, as they do not want to alienate their original fans but by doing something completely different, but they also want to garner new fans, and help their popularity grow. This song achieves this, and is a pleasure to listen to.

I enjoyed the rap section in this immensely. Jiwon did a terrific job of integrating the rap without it sounding like it was shoehorned in. It fits both the lyrical tone, and composition tone nicely, and adds to the song in a way that it wouldn’t be the same without.


I love this MV. It’s completely in line with the song, and they compliment each other perfectly. They can both exist without the other, and the message would still be the same.

The video is very fractured. It has a lot of jumbled images, and quick cuts, which adds to the feeling of desperation the song has. The members, for the most part, are shot on their own, and their individual shots have a tainted decadence about them. In a more brightly lit video, the shots could easily signify people who are just having a good time, but in this, thanks to the muted lighting, we get another message. The partying is a way of dulling the constant pain they feel at the end of their relationship. None of it matters to them. The drinks, the food, the women; all of it is immaterial at the loss of this relationship.

We see a lot of written messages in this video. Some are hopeful, some are miserable, and some are just plain sad. It’s an interesting concept as it shows the multitude of thoughts that are going through their minds. Coupled with the aimless driving, and lots of fog, the members are both figuratively, and literally, lost as they enter this new world without their partner.


Excellent comeback song from Sechskies. Sounds like it was always there, yet is still fresh. Will easily be added to my playlist, and I’m looking forward to seeing their stages.

If you want to hear more Sechskies, don’t be afraid to dig into their early stuff! I would recommend their debut, “School Byeolgok”, and “Road Fighter”. For something from their most recent activity, “Three Words” is pretty awesome.