Girls’ Generation are absolute royalty in the Kpop world. Very few groups can be counted on the same level as them. They debuted in 2007 and since then, have gained worldwide audiences, acclaim, and have had some of the most iconic songs ever created. They are consistently spoken with  same tones of respect and awe that world leaders get. They have had their ups and downs, though. From dealing with some of the most harsh hatred I’ve seen from sasaengs, to a member leaving, to weathering 10 years together in the ever changing industry, they are icons. I’m so happy that I get to look at their maknae’s newest release; her first solo piece. She has some big steps to follow (Taeyeon and Tiffany especially!) but let’s see how Seohyun fares.

Don’t Say No


It’s hard to talk about this song without at least mentioning how it differs from both of Seohyun’s members’ solo songs. Taeyeon seems to favour the more melodic, ballad toned music (“Why” and “11.11” come to mind straight away), and Tiffany favours the more soulful dance tracks (“Heartbreak Hotel”). Seohyun is a different shade, and I think I prefer it the most. Seohyun has a little bit of bite to her in this song. A little bit of sass that makes the song a bit more personal to her. It has a uniqueness to it that I have not heard from Taeyeon or Tiffany, or even Girls’ Generation as a whole. The composition, at first, seems like it’s not correct. Like the piano is missing the notes on purpose, and it can be a little odd to listen to, but once Seohyun’s vocals come in, I realised that her voice compliments the odd arrangement perfectly. Her voice lends an air of regret to the song that is only amplified by the musical arrangement.

The lyrics focus on the regret she has over a past relationship. About how it ended, and the memories that are left. She hopes that if she asks her ex-partner to come back to her, for one last try, that they won’t say no, that they will be ok with it. The worst part of it for Seohyun is that she left, she was the one that walked out on their relationship in the first place, when her lover wanted her to stay, and work on it. Seohyun hopes that this isn’t the end, and she regrets it wholeheartedly now. I think my favourite part of the song is when she speaks so honestly about how she felt at the end of the relationship, that she felt that her partner’s love was a burden, and that she had to leave because of it. But now she wishes for that love all the time, and it breaks her heart when they aren’t together. Her voice here especially is fantastic.


I’ve come to expect nothing but flawless quality videos from SM Entertainment at this point. Every video I’ve seen that belongs to one of their artists is always stunning. Even if it’s a simple dance performance video, it manages to look incredible. This video is no exception. Seohyun is unquestionably the star in this. She has several different clothing styles in this video; from geeky chic, to cutesy fairy, to futuristic model, to femme fatale, and she rocks each of them. The video itself is incredibly well shot, with each scene being more elegant than the last. The lighting plays a big part in supporting this. The lighting is dark and mysterious, and we aren’t really graced with too much brightness. It’s a dark toned video and it comes off the better for it.


I’ve been waiting for Seohyun’s solo stuff for some time. Ever since I read that she has been preparing this since before the “Party” and “Lionheart” promotions with Girls’ Generation, I’ve been waiting to see what she can bring to the table when she is by herself. This is a solid debut. It’s not the best I’ve ever heard her sound, but it’s whetting my appetite for more of her solo stuff. (Having decided to check out her mini-album, “Magic” is probably my favourite track on it!). I can’t wait to see her solo stages, and for her to put out more solo tracks.

If you liked Seohyun’s voice and want to check out more of her stuff with Girls’ Generation, my personal recommendations are “Lionheart”, “Run, Devil, Run” and “Catch me if you can”.